Manage your website in proper way

Maintaining a website is like telling your customers that you are alive. After all, a dead web site can’t change itself and remains boringly steady. If people don’t find your website appealing and dynamic they certainly won’t be back for more. Having a beautiful website is not all, maintaining is the continuous and incomparable process to keep it’s beauty alluring. Customers don’t keep visiting the same beautiful website unless there’s something to see. Are you ready to maintain your web site in proper way?

Contents are unique element of a site. Refresh your website with new content on regular basis. Daily is best but weekly can do. Post new entries that will capture visitor’s attention and result in comments and visits. Your site’s graphics and functions need to work on all browsers. So don’t forget to check your site indifferent browsers– on both Mac and PC versions. You need to check for broken links regularly. Because you can’t control which sites you link to, you need to check if they still exist – or when your link to a specific page on another site it’s still relevant.

Do not afraid to encourage criticism and feedback form your visitors. And if someone leaves a comment or sends you an email, respond quickly. This interactivity paves the way for greater communication and increased traffic. It’s also important to monitor your website analytics regularly. Are people leaving comments, sending you emails or attending your advertised events. Are they, ultimately, buying your product? After having the stats take prompt action to make up the gaps.

Weebly Introduces New Features to Customize Header Image

Weebly has launched a new set of features to customize the header image of user websites. The header image customization tool is launched for all the existing users of Weebly. It is currently in the BETA phase. Once tested and approved by the existing customers, this features will be made live for new users of the Weebly easy web editor.

The New Weebly Experience with Custom Header Image

Prior to this release, the header image was exclusive to each template. As a default image,users did not have access to changing the header image. With the launch of the new features, registered Weebly users can customize the header image of their website. They can upload any image from their computer or from their web gallery to replace the default header image. To add flexibility, users are provided with basic photo editing tools. They can crop, rotate,add text and add effects to the image. Moreover, users are allowed to upload different header images for every webpage on their website.

Since this service is the BETA phase, Weebly is seeking user feedback and suggestions.Weebly users can try the new header image toolbar and drop their suggestions on the official company blog.It is to be noted that Weebly has not introduced any major upgrades in the last two months,apart from the new design templates launched in May. Contrary to this, Wix and Webstarts are upgrading their web publishing platform every week to increase their market share. Lack of innovation can affect the ranking of Weebly in the free website maker comparison chart.

Why you should go for website builders?

An online website builder is an organization or software that can help building your own web sites. Finding an affordable online website builder is not so impossible today. it can guide you step-by-step through every aspect of setting up your own web site. One good thing about an online website builder is that it guides your imagination and creativity without making you expenses higher.

You may be a small business owner or just an amateur writer who wants to be heard by the world. Either the case, a website is the tool to reach there. And if you keep yourself busy with all technical things in building a website then it will be little hard for you to concentrate on the main purpose of your activities. That’s where the website builders are relevant. An online website builder can help you in controlling how each page is laid out and what elements on it look like. It can provide its users with options about color scheme, page layout, kinds of pages you want. They can give you with different codes that will help you make your web pages snappier or more captivating.

An online website builder can even provide you with graphic design and website building solutions to improve the view of your sites. You can pick the look and features you want. If you are building an e commerce website, an online website builder can also help you automate billing, invoice handling, accounting, and report generation tools to make your web sites easier to manage and handle sales. An online website builder usually has options that can help you in expanding your web site and present a business-like appearance to your potential clients.