WebEden vs. Ezweb123

Comparing WebEden and Ezweb123 is a daunting task as both the platforms enjoy top positions in the free website maker comparison chart. Since both have a similar approach to web development and publishing processes, you will hardly find any major differences while using their interfaces. Here is the insider story of how WebEden and Ezweb123 score over each other.

WebEden and Ezweb123: Similarity of Features

Interestingly, both the free website makers ask users to go through the same four steps to create a website. These steps include:

  • Selection of templates
  • Choosing pages and features for the website
  • Adding site name, logo and domain name
  • Publishing

Website builder of both these free website makers have strikingly similar interface. The web templates galleries also share great similarity. Even the paid packages are almost same in terms of features. However, the pricing is different.

WebEden and Ezweb123: What Sets Them Apart

While the overall user experience remains the same, WebEden scores over Ezweb123 in terms of its help tutorials. WebEden free web editor presents video tutorials on almost every aspect of web development and publishing. This free website maker has also added paid consultation services to boost traffic through search engines. Additionally, WebEden offers similar paid packages at reduced rates.

There is no major difference between WebEden and Ezweb123 for users looking for a free website. Selection of a web template can probably be a major decision-making factor. However, for paid websites, WebEden is the preferred choice.

Doomby vs. Brinkster

Providing services to a global pool of consumers, Doomby and Brinkster are highly popular free website makers. Holding positions in the top 10 ranks of the free website maker comparison chart, Doomby and Brinkster made essential contribution in simplifying the process of web publishing. With highly user-friendly free web editor and a gamut of online widgets, these website makers offer all that is required for a good quality website.

Brinkster Offers Different Packages

Brinkster has classified web building features in three different packages to suit specific consumer base – personal, professional and developer. Standard versions of all these packages are free to use. They offer a good deal of features such as photo album, traffic counter, flash intro, feedback form and high-end network and server monitoring. Unlike other free website makers, there are no advertisements on a free Brinkster website. However, the only grey area is that the number of pages is limited to 3.

Doomby: An Advanced Web Editor

If official figures are to be believed, Doomby has powered more than 782,392 websites by January 2011. With a rich experience and large consumer base, Doomby has upgraded its free web editor to incorporate a more advanced list of features such as online polls, e-mail templates, ecards, RSS feed, forums, photo album and blog. Personalized website design is an added treat to an already exciting package.

The overall package of Doomby free website maker appears to be better than Brinkster. However, the latter offers more webspace (15 MB) as compared to former one (10 MB).

Squarespace vs. Wix

When comparing Squarespace and Wix, it is a fight among equals. Holding top positions in the free website maker comparison chart since more than six months, these website makers offer rich user experience. What sets Wix and Squarespace apart from other free website makers is their niche consumer base.

Squarespace and Wix: USP Does Matter

Yes, the USP does matter when it comes to choice. The USP of Wix is Flash-based highly refined website that is fully customizable. This free website builder allows users to create websites for free by choosing from a range of professional quality web templates. Excellent color themes, high-end graphics and great support for images and videos make Wix a favorite among bloggers. The downsides for Wix are low-SEO friendly websites and comparatively a complex free web editor.

On the other hand, Squarespace positions itself as a smarter publishing tool. To a great extent it is. This is an ideal platform for websites that are professional or commercial in nature. By allowing web editing through iPhone and iPad, blog importing, social integration and traffic analysis, Squarespace manages to pitch itself to serious consumers. The only grey area is that the free trial period lasts for 14 days and subsequently you have to pay at least $12 per month to avail services.

For those whom money does not matter, Squarespace is the best choice. However, Wix reflects the true spirit of internet technology which fosters free space for all.