Review: New company offers custom made Weebly templates

They seem to have a supply of something that is certainly in demand to fuel the Weebly behemoth. Weebly ready templates are what they provide and we would love to knwo what you think of them. They seem to have two offerings:

  • Ready made templates forĀ  $29
  • They will custom make you templates for $59

They seem to have some pretty templates going on right from the box.

Weebly releases new analytics feature

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Weebly announced a couple of weeks ago it’s new analytics feature. As usual with Weebly being on a roll they keep creating new useful features that are starting to set them apart from some of the competition. This means that you don’t have to slave over setting up Google analytics. Also, it seems like their statistics are real time based – which is quite a powerful thing.

Now you have a centralised place to see all:

  • User traffic behaviour
  • Comments to your blog
  • Data sent to you via your webforms.

Have a look at the screenshots below (click to expand):