Vistaprint vs. 350 Pages

Continuing with the top free website makers comparison series, this blog will briefly explore Vistaprint and 350 Pages. Both have a good ranking in the free website maker comparison chart.

Vistaprint: A Smart Choice fro Professional Website Building

With high-end web templates, Vistaprint supports all the functionalities of Web 2.0. To build a website with Vistaprint, you neither have to download software nor study coding language. You simply have to sign up for an account with this website maker and start building website at $4.99 per month.

Vistaprint offers a trial period of one month, within which you can test the platform by uploading a web design on the website maker’s editing platform. However, the starter package of Vistaprint (4.99 USD/month) does not support YouTube videos or music player.

350 Pages: The Best Things in Life Are Free

This website maker offers both free and paid services. 350 Pages offers an easy-to-use platform with hundreds of templates. The website maker distinguishes itself with offering personalized graphics of the headers and the buttons. The photo editor offers a range of features including automatic photo compression, thumbnail images, among others.

The free account of 350 Pages comes with limited features and does not support photo slideshow, HTML, e-commerce as well as widgets. However, the standard paid version facilitates all the features and allows building of unlimited web pages.

BuildYourSite versus 000webhosting

BuildYourSite and 000webhosting are among the best free website makers available online. While, both the platforms secure a position in the free website maker comparison chart, they have different approaches to the process of website building. This blog will offer you a comparative analysis of BuildYourSite and 000webhosting.

How BuildYourSite and 000webhosting Differs?

The process of web development and publishing in BuildYourSite is a paid service. It allows users to get registered and use its easy web editor with a monthly fee. Being a paid platform, BuildYourSite constantly updates the editor to meet the requirements of the dynamic online marketing industry.

Contrary to this, 000webhosting offers premium free website development service. It allows users to create a website and publish it at no cost. The only disadvantage of using a free website package is that the URL will contain service provider’s name, for example, Unlike, other free website makers, 000webhosting does not place advertisements on the websites of free account users.

Finally, 000webhosting is a better choice for individuals who do not require advanced web development technologies.

Brinkster vs. Wix

Moving ahead with the series to compare the top free website makers, this blog reviews the web publishing features of Wix and Brinkster. Both the platforms are listed in the free website maker comparison chart.

Brinkster Makes Web Publishing Simpler

Brinkster falls in the league of top free website makers with its highly user-friendly free web editor. The platform races ahead of the competition with features, such as integrated photo album, traffic counter, guest book and custom flash intro. Search engine optimization and multimedia functionality of Brinkster are also fairly good. Furthermore, the paid packages are defined according to the different requirements of the users.

Add Creativity to Website With Wix

Standing off the league, Wix has a different approach to the process of website building. It focuses highly on use of multimedia features, such as custom photo albums, video integration and maps. While these features make a Wix website stand apart from the competition, it loses on SEO front.

Wix and Brinkster fall in different categories of free website makers. Brinkster is a good option for people looking for SEO-based website, whereas, Wix can be more of a personal blog, online diaries and artistic portfolios.