How to Make a Choice Between BuildYourSite and Squarespace

BuildYourSite and Squarespace are two of the most popular website makers available online. Both the website makers follow nearly the same approach for creating and publishing a website. A user has to register with the website maker, choose a website template and upload the content. Although listed on the free website maker comparison chart, BuildYourSite and Squarespace do not fit into the most basic criteria, i.e. providing free website building.

BuildYourSite vs. Squarespace

When we say that BuildYourSite and Squarespace do not qualify for the league of free website makers, it is actually half-truth. Squarespace allows its registered users to enjoy a 14-day free trial period; however, BuildYourSite has no such scheme. After the free trial period, Squarespace users have to pay a minimum of $8 per month. The monthly fee for the basic package of BuildYourSite is $9.95 per month.

When comparing the features of both the website makers, Squarespace takes a clear lead over BuildYourSite. The former has an easy web editor to build an advanced website with Web 2.0 features. It also allows users to access the website editor through iPhone. Thus, you can edit your website, upload new content and reply to user comments while on the move.

000webhost vs. Weebly

Free website makers are online platforms that allow users to create and manage a website free of cost. To keep the services running and to make profits, majority of the free website makers place some sort of advertisements on the websites of free account holders. Some of the users do not mind minimal advertising on their website as long as they need not pay for the services offered. However, there is another set of customers who feel annoyed by such form of advertising. For the latter group, advertisements can become the decisive factor for switching to a new platform or opting for an advertisement-free paid version. With this approach in mind, you can read the comparison review of Weebly and 000webhost.

Weebly and 000webhost: Say No To ‘Forced’ Advertisements

000webhost, which ranks at number four in the free website maker comparison chart, does not place advertisements on free website accounts. Contrary to this, it allows users to create their own advertisements and place it on their individual websites. Users can also generate money by placing ads intelligently. Apart from this unique feature, 000webhost is just another free website maker. It has a good interface and allows user to create, manage and share website hassle-free.

On the other hand, Weebly places its own advertisements on the users’ website at the bottom left area. Despite this, the free website maker ranks at number three and powers user interface with rich multimedia experience. Weebly is a highly versatile platform with photo and video integration, traffic analysis tools and a robust editor.

The decision is all yours, whether you want to say NO to forced advertising or go ahead with a range of features with great utility value.