000webhosting’s name derived from $0.00, meaning that they charge nothing for hosting your site. They do have a paid package, which provides unlimited disk space and data transfer at a monthly fee.

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000webhosting.com offers unique web hosting services in that they do not place banners or any other form of advertisements on the web sites they host. However, it offers web site owners the opportunity to create their own advertisements and profit from them. Finally, the fantastic auto-installer feature supports different scripts including WordPress and Joomla.

BuildYourSite versus 000webhosting

BuildYourSite and 000webhosting are among the best free website makers available online. While, both the platforms secure a position in the free website maker comparison chart, they have different approaches to the process of website building. This blog will offer you a comparative analysis of BuildYourSite and 000webhosting.

How BuildYourSite and 000webhosting Differs?

The process of web development and publishing in BuildYourSite is a paid service. It allows users to get registered and use its easy web editor with a monthly fee. Being a paid platform, BuildYourSite constantly updates the editor to meet the requirements of the dynamic online marketing industry.

Contrary to this, 000webhosting offers premium free website development service. It allows users to create a website and publish it at no cost. The only disadvantage of using a free website package is that the URL will contain service provider’s name, for example, www.yoursite.000webhosting.com. Unlike, other free website makers, 000webhosting does not place advertisements on the websites of free account users.

Finally, 000webhosting is a better choice for individuals who do not require advanced web development technologies.