Brinkster versus Yola

Continuing with the evaluation of the top platforms in the free website maker comparison chart, this blog compares Brinkster and Yola. Both the platforms have good consumer ratings for easy website development and publishing process. Before choosing one of the two platforms, it is essential to compare them in detail.

How Brinkster Scores Over Yola

Comparing Brinkster and Yola is a daunting task as both the platforms have all the features essential for a high quality website development and management. To create a website through either Brinkster or Yola, you need to register as a user. After successful registration, you can select a website template, number of webpages, arrange content fields and add text, images and videos. Both the platforms have drag-and-drop web editor which makes the web publishing process very simple.

Yola scores low as compared to Brinkster due to the lack of product upgrades. Yola website maker has not upgraded easy web editor since 2009. Thus, it does not support new website features, such as Facebook or Twitter integration. On the contrary, Brinkster continuously evolves their platform to provide rich user experience.

In a nutshell, Yola is a prudent choice for users who want a very simple website making platform. For everyone else, Brinkster is a better option.

Brinkster versus Webstarts

With online branding gaining high importance in the global and local markets, a number of amateur internet users feel the need to set up a website. While the evolution of free website makers has made website development simpler, the process may seem complex to a new internet user. Thus, it is important to register with a website maker that offers extensive support to consumers.

Webstarts: Top Quality Customer Support

Having held the top position on the free website maker comparison chart since more than 12 months, Webstarts boasts of high quality customer support. The platform allows you to register for a free website and post content regularly through easy web editor. The content management and web publishing process is very simple. To make it simpler, Webstarts offers an extensive video tutorial on every aspect of the web publishing process.

Brinkster: Different Packages for Different Needs

As a free website maker, Brinkster is known for a range of free packages for different web publishing needs. There are varied packages for personal users, individual users and developers. These packages are good for regular internet users; however, they are not suitable for new internet users. Also, the platform lacks video tutorial support for new consumers.

Brinkster vs. Wix

Moving ahead with the series to compare the top free website makers, this blog reviews the web publishing features of Wix and Brinkster. Both the platforms are listed in the free website maker comparison chart.

Brinkster Makes Web Publishing Simpler

Brinkster falls in the league of top free website makers with its highly user-friendly free web editor. The platform races ahead of the competition with features, such as integrated photo album, traffic counter, guest book and custom flash intro. Search engine optimization and multimedia functionality of Brinkster are also fairly good. Furthermore, the paid packages are defined according to the different requirements of the users.

Add Creativity to Website With Wix

Standing off the league, Wix has a different approach to the process of website building. It focuses highly on use of multimedia features, such as custom photo albums, video integration and maps. While these features make a Wix website stand apart from the competition, it loses on SEO front.

Wix and Brinkster fall in different categories of free website makers. Brinkster is a good option for people looking for SEO-based website, whereas, Wix can be more of a personal blog, online diaries and artistic portfolios.