Webstarts vs. Doomby

Webstarts and Doomby are two of the best free website makers available online. While, Webstarts is the top position holder on the free website maker comparison chart, Doomby stands at the tenth spot. However, this does not make this review a comparison between apples and oranges.

Webstarts Offers Great User Support

Webstarts scores over other free website makers for its great user support both online and offline. It follows the basic approach to free website building and publishing where a user needs to get registered on the platform, choose template and upload content. However, it supports the users in the process with an extensive range of video tutorials. These tutorials are particularly important for novice internet users. Also, Webstarts upgrades its services almost every week to include the latest trends and features.

Doomby Focuses on Simplifying Website Building

The primary focus of Doomby free website maker is to simplify the process of website building. The free Doomby account allows you to create a basic website with features such as, photo album, blog support, unlimited webpages and traffic statistics. While Doomby also has good quality tutorials, its gallery is not as extensive as Webstarts.

The verdict remains that Webstarts is the preferred free website maker for novice internet users. However, for a person with sound understanding of web, both the platforms are good.

Doomby vs. Wix

Continuing with the series of free website maker comparisons to help our readers make an informed choice. This blog will compare a new entrant, Doomby, against Wix, an established name in the world of free website makers. Both these website makers are listed on the free website maker comparison chart.

Doomby and Wix: Different Approaches to Website Building

Doomby and Wix have different approaches to the process of website building. Doomby sticks to the conventional, and more popular, approach to website building. It offers a high-quality free web editor and a host of features such as, text and image placement holders, free custom web templates, and search engine optimization. However, Doomby stands out in the league due to its advanced list of offerings, which includes other user-friendly features such as, online poll, e-mail templates, ecards, RSS feed, forums, photo album and blog. To upgrade the Doomby web editor to a more advanced version, users can choose from doombyPLUS or ecommerce packages.

On the other hand, Wix has revolutionized the concept of free website building by adding a pinch of creativity. It offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of free web templates. High quality graphics and customization capabilities define Wix free websites. These features, coupled with smart photo and video integration functionalities make Wix a top-rated free website maker.

Despite advanced features, Wix fails when it comes to search engine optimization. Wix creates Flash-based websites which are not SEO-friendly. This makes the choice very simple. If you want to develop a website for SEO purposes, Doomby is the option for you. However, Wix is one of the best platforms for personal websites.

Win Against Spam Threat with Doomby

According to market research conducted by Forrester in 2008, approximately 80% of mails sent across the world are spam. When you start operating your website through a free website maker, you face a severe spam threat, with a downpour of mails that provide information about sex pills, cheap rolex watches, money laundering and pornography. With a greater thrust on interactivity in the prevailing Web 2.0 era, website administrators face a higher degree threat from spammers.

The Doomby Solution to Spam Threat

Mapping the sensitivity of the issue, Doomby has initiated a campaign to educate its users regarding a message filtration process that can weed out spam. According to Doomby, the free website maker, users can guard their website against spam via two approaches:

  • Moderation: Turn on the moderation process for blogs, comments and forums. Some people may consider moderation as a tool to curb freedom of speech and expression. However, a website administrator is not a revolutionary who fights for freedom. For him, it is crucial to shield his online identity from potential threats.
  • Keyword filtering: Doomby free website maker allows registered users to add keywords that qualify for spam messages. With the feature, messages that contain restricted keywords will get automatically filtered and will not get published on the website.

The spam-control process is a great initiative by Doomby. It will help the company to attract higher volume of users and scale up on the free website maker comparison chart.