Doomby vs. Wix

Continuing with the series of free website maker comparisons to help our readers make an informed choice. This blog will compare a new entrant, Doomby, against Wix, an established name in the world of free website makers. Both these website makers are listed on the free website maker comparison chart.

Doomby and Wix: Different Approaches to Website Building

Doomby and Wix have different approaches to the process of website building. Doomby sticks to the conventional, and more popular, approach to website building. It offers a high-quality free web editor and a host of features such as, text and image placement holders, free custom web templates, and search engine optimization. However, Doomby stands out in the league due to its advanced list of offerings, which includes other user-friendly features such as, online poll, e-mail templates, ecards, RSS feed, forums, photo album and blog. To upgrade the Doomby web editor to a more advanced version, users can choose from doombyPLUS or ecommerce packages.

On the other hand, Wix has revolutionized the concept of free website building by adding a pinch of creativity. It offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of free web templates. High quality graphics and customization capabilities define Wix free websites. These features, coupled with smart photo and video integration functionalities make Wix a top-rated free website maker.

Despite advanced features, Wix fails when it comes to search engine optimization. Wix creates Flash-based websites which are not SEO-friendly. This makes the choice very simple. If you want to develop a website for SEO purposes, Doomby is the option for you. However, Wix is one of the best platforms for personal websites.

Doomby vs. Brinkster

Providing services to a global pool of consumers, Doomby and Brinkster are highly popular free website makers. Holding positions in the top 10 ranks of the free website maker comparison chart, Doomby and Brinkster made essential contribution in simplifying the process of web publishing. With highly user-friendly free web editor and a gamut of online widgets, these website makers offer all that is required for a good quality website.

Brinkster Offers Different Packages

Brinkster has classified web building features in three different packages to suit specific consumer base – personal, professional and developer. Standard versions of all these packages are free to use. They offer a good deal of features such as photo album, traffic counter, flash intro, feedback form and high-end network and server monitoring. Unlike other free website makers, there are no advertisements on a free Brinkster website. However, the only grey area is that the number of pages is limited to 3.

Doomby: An Advanced Web Editor

If official figures are to be believed, Doomby has powered more than 782,392 websites by January 2011. With a rich experience and large consumer base, Doomby has upgraded its free web editor to incorporate a more advanced list of features such as online polls, e-mail templates, ecards, RSS feed, forums, photo album and blog. Personalized website design is an added treat to an already exciting package.

The overall package of Doomby free website maker appears to be better than Brinkster. However, the latter offers more webspace (15 MB) as compared to former one (10 MB).

Doomby Overhauls Free Web Editor

Adding yet another feather to already full cap of user-friendly customer services,
Doomby has finally released the much awaited version of its free web editor. The first
information about the overhaul of the Doomby web editor was released in the official
blog of the company on June 17. The company released the full-fledged version on July
01, in less than 15 days’ time.

Doomby Calls it MAGIC

If Doomby’s official blog is to be believed, they have tried to create magic with the new
free web editor. In the June 17 blog, the company has revealed that its new web editor is
inspired by Apple Inc. platforms in terms of user-friendliness. Here are some of the major
highlights of the overhauled Doomby web editor:

  • Sophisticated dashboard: The new dashboard has a clean design and professional
    feel, as compared to the earlier version. The features accessible through the
    dashboard are organized under four sections – pages, add-ons, settings and
  • Tutorials: Doomby has done a more than just a cosmetic overhaul. It has
    integrated a large volume of tutorials to assist users with the website making
    process. An internet help option is also included on the lines of Microsoft Help.
  • Technical enhancements: To remain competitive on a highly fragile free website
    maker market, Doomby has upgraded the web editing platform for mobile
    publishing as well. Users can manage a majority of the features of the website
    from their cell phones.

While Doomby has a long way to go in the comparison chart of top website builders, this
is probably the most constructive step towards better services.