Free Website Builders for Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce has changed the way organizations do business. With consumers purchasing more and more through online channels, small business and SMEs are forced to change their sales strategies. Thus, having an ecommerce website is a must for any business selling products or services online.

One of the most convenient ways to create an ecommerce site is through free website builders. You have to register as a user with a free website builder. You can choose a domain name, website template and upload different forms of content on the site. Once the website is live, you can integrate shopping cart and connect a payment gateway to allow ecommerce.

Top Ecommerce Free Website Builders

There are numerous free website builders available online, however, not all provide free ecommerce integration. Webstarts and Weebly are the most preferred free website builders for a free ecommerce integration. Both the platforms are rated among the top providers on the free website maker comparison chart. Other popular ecommerce free website builders are Jimdo, Brinkster and WebEden. Squarespace and Vistaprint also employ sophisticated ecommerce technology, but they are paid.

Yola Releases Exciting Range of Web Templates

Yola has launched a new range of easy web templates for its users to create a web page. The nine newly released templates are aimed at providing relevant website designs to match the personality of different business users. All the new releases are classified under the Premium tab. According to the company’s official blog, Yola has covered ‘bloggers to birdies’ with the new range of web templates.

Yola Easy Web Editor: What’s New

The exciting new designs are basically an extension of the two basic themes – business and creativity. The ‘Flower Blossom’ and ‘Sunny Field’ templates are meant for those individuals who prefer subtlety and soft styles. The ‘Monster’ theme is specially developed for schools, clubs and teenage users. ‘Turned Corner’ and ‘Sharp Image’ are finely built themes that can qualify for business websites. All the themes are fully customizable and can be integrated with existing website content.

Yola currently holds the ninth rank in the list of top free website makers. To view the list of top free website makers, view the comparison chart. Yola administrators have been making significant efforts to improve the platform in terms of usability, design aesthetics and visual appeal. In 2009, the website launched a series of modifications to customize the website in a simplified manner. Yolasite subdomain, custom email addresses and header/footer customization were the most important upgrades. Yola Silver was also launched to cater to the paid members of the website. However, when free website tools offer great scope and flexibility to develop high quality websites, who would like to go for a paid membership.