Indigloo and Vistaprint

Indigloo and Vistaprint are among the best free website makers available online. Both the platforms have web-based editors and do not require software download or knowledge of HTML language. Although, Indigloo and Vistaprint have not reserved a place in the free website maker comparison chart, both the platforms update their features constantly to compete with the best platforms.

Indigloo Offers Free Website Publishing

Indigloo is powered by simple drag-and-drop online web publishing platform. The best feature of this free website maker is that it allows users to create multiple websites with a single account. The free website maker account also comes with a few added features, such as the ability to create custom content and image library and password protection.

Vistaprint Offers Paid Services

Vistaprint basic website maker account is not free. It requires you to pay a monthly fee of $1.99. At this price, you get added disk space of up to 25MB and a high bandwidth of 5GB. The company also gives up to 30% discount on the basic package.

The basic editing interface of Vistaprint is similar to that Indigloo. Moreover, some of the features of Indigloo are more user-friendly than Vistaprint. Thus, Indigloo is a better choice for users who require a basic website. However, if you want a website loaded with images, you should opt for Vistaprint.

Wix versus Indigloo

Selecting a website maker for an online manifestation of your company is almost like recruiting an official. Cost, features, usability and many more aspects must be checked prior to opting for a website maker. Most individuals and organization opt for free website makers since it simplifies the process of online publishing. This is where the free website maker comparison chart and reviews prove useful. This particular review will deal with Wix and Indigloo.

Add Creativity to Your Website with Wix

A revolutionary website maker, Wix has added the aspect of creativity to website building. High quality graphics, customization capabilities, an array of web templates and smart photo/video integration functionality are some of the main features of Wix. However, Wix fails in terms of search engine optimization.

Build a Powerful Free Account with Indigloo

Some of the features that make Indigloo very popular among website makers are drag-and-drop editor, inbuilt sitemap, search engine-friendly URLs and page-specific meta tags. It also offers shopping cart, multi-level menus, unlimited number of web pages as well as password protection. However, if you want a custom domain, you have to pay a small rent on a monthly basis.

Therefore, the choice is clear. For those wanting to build a personal website, Wix would prove to be the best platform. However, for commercial website building, Indigloo should be your choice.

Indigloo vs. Weebly

With majority of the free website makers offering similar advantages, choosing a platform has become a daunting task for users. Same is the case when choosing between Indigloo and Weebly. Both the platforms offer simplified website publishing, drag-and-drop editor, image and video integration and user-friendly text editor. However, there are certain features which makes Weebly score a higher rank on the free website maker comparison chart.

How Weebly Scores Over Indigloo

While both the platforms offer basic web development and publishing tools, Weebly scores over Indigloo in certain departments. The website template gallery of Weebly is more versatile and caters to the demand of a wide variety of users. Also, the content management function is simpler with the Weebly free text editor. Indigloo’s system require more practice to increase efficiency. Weebly also offers free traffic monitoring report and on-page analysis to the free account holders. Free Weebly users can optimize content on their website pages and connect it to Google Adsense program to earn revenue. The Indigloo platform has limited these features to paid accounts.

Moreover, Weebly has a top-notch customer support service via phone or email. An extensive range of video tutorials always come handy for new Weebly users.