Jimbo have a great offer with two unique features: you can change the header’s graphics with their pre-cut stock photos and the background can be changes with one click. On the downside the free version is ad supported.

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Jimdo stands out with certain unique features: custom headers that you can create using their pre-configured stock image photographs and a simple click to change a sites background. These two features make tweaking a sites’ design easy and makes them so much more personal than the “usual cookie” cutter feel that many services serve up. Sadly Jimdo still think it’s acceptable to have your free site include ads – they are plain wrong. However, their pro version which is quite reasonable at $5 a month eliminates that issue and adds many more features. They are actually quite a good service, if you decide to go pro.

Jimdo Upgrades Analytics Features for Better Reporting

Analytics is the most important of website maintenance. For any online business, analytics and user traffic reporting helps to understand ROI metrics and conversions. Simply put, it is like a real-time score card that evaluates if your website passed or failed. Being a crucial part of the entire web development and management process, certain free website makers offer basic analytics features. Recently, Jimdo, a top platform on the free website maker comparison chart, upgraded its analytics features.

New Features for Jimdo Analytics

The latest version of analytics is available to Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Business users. However, Jimdo can roll out these upgrades for free account holders as well in the near future. According to the official Jimdo blog, the latest version of analytics is developed for better presentation of data in a detailed manner and through a clean user interface. The new version is powered by Google Analytics, however, it attempts to simplify complex data reported by Google in simplified terms.

With a shorter refresh period of 24 hours and graphical representation of top metrics, the latest version of Jimdo analytics is set to start a new way in user traffic reporting among top website builders.

Jimdo vs Weebly: Which Platform Has Easy Interface

Jimdo and Weebly are two of the best free website makers available online. Both these platforms have been listed on the free website maker comparison chart consistently. While both these free website makers are known for easy-to-use interface, choosing between the two becomes a daunting task. In this blog you will read a comparative analysis between Weebly and Jimdo based on their user interface.

Jimdo vs Weebly: Comparing User Interface

Broadly, both Jimdo and Weebly, have similar registration process. To create a free website, a user has to sign up for an account with the platform. After successful registration, the user can choose a website name, select design template based on his specific requirements and start uploading content.

While the basics remain the same, there is visible difference between these two platforms in the way website editing process is organized for the user. With Weebly, all important website editing tools are categorized smartly and are easily accessible from the easy web editor. You can simply drag-and-drop a tool to activate it. Uploading content, sizing images and installing video players is much simpler in Weebly as compared to Jimdo.

For a new user, Weebly is the preferred option. It helps you to create and edit a website in a highly user-friendly way.