Jimdo Upgrades Analytics Features for Better Reporting

Analytics is the most important of website maintenance. For any online business, analytics and user traffic reporting helps to understand ROI metrics and conversions. Simply put, it is like a real-time score card that evaluates if your website passed or failed. Being a crucial part of the entire web development and management process, certain free website makers offer basic analytics features. Recently, Jimdo, a top platform on the free website maker comparison chart, upgraded its analytics features.

New Features for Jimdo Analytics

The latest version of analytics is available to Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Business users. However, Jimdo can roll out these upgrades for free account holders as well in the near future. According to the official Jimdo blog, the latest version of analytics is developed for better presentation of data in a detailed manner and through a clean user interface. The new version is powered by Google Analytics, however, it attempts to simplify complex data reported by Google in simplified terms.

With a shorter refresh period of 24 hours and graphical representation of top metrics, the latest version of Jimdo analytics is set to start a new way in user traffic reporting among top website builders.

Faster Sharing on the Cards for Jimdo Users

File sharing has always been one of the biggest problems with all the content management systems. To simplify this process, Jimdo has teamed up with Dropbox. Rated among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, Jimdo will allow users to share files through Dropbox account across the net.

Jimdo, Dropbox Team Up: What Does It Means for the Users

To understand to analyze of the association between Jimdo and Dropbox, it is important to understand how this association works for users. Dropbox is one of the leading file sharing tools available online. It allows users to synchronize files across multiple workstations with the internet. The files and folders linked with the Dropbox account are accessible online and through all the associated workstations. Thus, file sharing is possible without any need to attach files through emails.

With the recent tie up, users will be able to upload contents from their Dropbox account directly to the Jimdo easy web editor. Thus, a user can upload files and content to a Jimdo page even while travelling or from a friend’s computer. It also provides a greater level of data protection as entire data is saved in the cloud.

000webhosting and Jimdo

With consumer buying behavior shifting towards online webspaces, businesses have a great opportunity to expand their reach. By creating a website, they can target large geographic zones to increase sales. The possibility of integrating online shopping software makes it an even more lucrative option. 000webhosting and Jimdo are two online platforms that allow free website development and publishing.

How to Build Website with 000webhosting and Jimdo

000webhosting and Jimdo secure ranks among the top five platforms in the free website maker comparison chart. These platforms allow a user to register for a free account. After account verification, the user can create a website using free web templates and easy web editor. Being top free website makers, these platforms allow integration of text, images, videos, maps and external plug-ins.

000webhosting versus Jimdo

Choosing between Jimdo and 000webhosting is a difficult task. Both the platforms offer user-friendly interface and have simplified web publishing process. 000webhosting takes lead over Jimdo as it does not place advertisements on free websites. However, Jimdo has better professional templates and exciting features, such as community pages for your friends.

If you are looking for a long-term web hosting solution, compare paid packages of both the platforms to make a choice.