000webhosting and Jimdo

With consumer buying behavior shifting towards online webspaces, businesses have a great opportunity to expand their reach. By creating a website, they can target large geographic zones to increase sales. The possibility of integrating online shopping software makes it an even more lucrative option. 000webhosting and Jimdo are two online platforms that allow free website development and publishing.

How to Build Website with 000webhosting and Jimdo

000webhosting and Jimdo secure ranks among the top five platforms in the free website maker comparison chart. These platforms allow a user to register for a free account. After account verification, the user can create a website using free web templates and easy web editor. Being top free website makers, these platforms allow integration of text, images, videos, maps and external plug-ins.

000webhosting versus Jimdo

Choosing between Jimdo and 000webhosting is a difficult task. Both the platforms offer user-friendly interface and have simplified web publishing process. 000webhosting takes lead over Jimdo as it does not place advertisements on free websites. However, Jimdo has better professional templates and exciting features, such as community pages for your friends.

If you are looking for a long-term web hosting solution, compare paid packages of both the platforms to make a choice.

Webstarts and Jimdo: Which Platform has Better Social Media Integration?

With the exponential growth of Facebook and Twitter, social media has become the most popular trend of the century. Despite the word ‘social’ attached, this form of internet use has created ripples in the online marketing industry. To remain competitive and to capitalize on consumer trends, social media integration has become an urgent requirement for website owners.

As social media integration became a common phenomenon, free website makers began to add widgets so that their customers can leverage on the social media boom. In this review, you will read about social media integration features of Webstarts and Jimdo platforms.

Social Media Features of Webstarts and Jimdo

Being the most popular social media platform, Facebook is supported by both Webstarts and Jimdo. Both the website makers allow users to integrate their Facebook profiles with their websites. Once integrated, users can view a Facebook badge on their websites. Facebook allows different types of badges, such as profile badge and Facebook update badge. Users can also include Facebook share button to allow visitors to share a webpage with their friends. Adding a Facebook badge for company profile page on the website can work wonders for the users.

Contrary to Jimbo, Webstarts allow Twitter integration as well. With Twitter account integration, users can add the Twitter badge or Twitter sharing button on their website.

Update Twitter through Jimdo Website

Twitter is certainly one of the hottest properties in the internet world. If you want to use the internet to market a product, service or concept, eliminating Twitter from the list of social media platforms will be a huge mistake. According to a social marketing survey, Twitter is included in the three most important services for an online marketing mix. Considering the importance of Twitter, Jimdo has launched a new tool that allows users to update their Twitter profile through their Jimdo page.

The new service is aimed at saving users’ time and effort required to log in to the Twitter account and post and update their messages. Also, integrating your Twitter account with your Jimdo page will help promote the page among your followers.

How to Update a Twitter Account from a Jimdo Page

Here are the steps to tweet through your Jimdo page:

  • Create a website with Jimdo.
  • Log in to the administration panel and switch to the Jimdo easy web editor platform.
  • Go to ‘Messages’ section and select ‘Twitter’ option.
  • Link your Twitter account to the Jimdo page.
  • Log in to your Twitter account. Grant access to Jimdo page to connect to Twitter.
  • After the activation process, you will see a tweet box on your Jimdo page.
  • Enjoy tweeting while managing your Jimdo pages.

This service will allow Jimdo users to leverage the power of Twitter and stay connected with their network. These innovative concepts have earned Jimdo the fourth rank in the online free website maker comparison chart.