Webstarts vs Jimdo: Which is the Better of the Two for a Business Website?

Business gurus say that if you do not come online, you are bound to become history. With the boom in online retail industry, there is a great thrust among companies and organizations to create online presence. One of the most affordable ways of creating an online presence is to launch a website with a free website maker.

Webstarts and Jimdo have been among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart. These platforms enable you to create a high quality business website embedded with the latest technology features. However, both the platforms have their unique approaches to the process of website building and they target different set of consumers.

Webstarts vs. Jimdo: Comparing Features

Broadly, Webstarts and Jimdo offer the same basic features for web designing and publishing. You have to register with these platforms to create an account. Free website maker account enables you to choose a domain name and website template. Once you have defined the number of pages and their titles, you can start adding content in the form of images, graphics, text and videos.

With a free Jimdo account, you get access to some of the advanced features such as, search engine optimization, PayPal integration and corporate blog. Webstarts does not offer these features with the free account. However, it scores over Jimdo in terms of easy web editor, user tutorials and social media integration.

For a full-fledged business website, you have to buy professional packages offered by these platforms.

Best Website Makers for Ease of Use

The internet is flooded with numerous website makers. To choose the best from this crowd, it is essential to compare them on some parameters. Although, pricing is probably the most significant parameter for comparison, one should give due importance to user-friendly interface.

Website Makers with a Simplified Platform

Here is a list of website makers that are known for simplified web publishing process:

  • Webstarts: Ruling the online website maker comparison chart, Webstarts is able to attract large number of users due to its easy web editor. A simple drag-and-drop interface makes web publishing tasks simpler beyond imagination. All the essential web publishing features can be accessed without navigation.
  • Weebly: A well-structured web editing interface makes Weebly one of the best website makers for user-friendliness. Since, the web editing platform offers extensive features one has to browse through the navigational structure. The main highlight of Weebly’s user-friendly platform is the organized menus for essential features such as, image editing menu.
  • Brinkster: This new website maker service is gaining popularity for its user-friendly platform characterized by drag-and-drop interface. It allows users to activate a feature with a single click.
  • Jimdo: Jimdo is the pioneer website maker to launch the concept of one-click publishing. The Jimdo platform is based on website elements. You can simply click on different elements on your Jimdo page and edit them instantly.

To simplify the process of website development, it is essential to choose a website maker that offers user-friendly interface. A complex platform with extensive features is of no use, if you cannot deploy basic functionality properly.

Wix vs Jimdo

Continuing with out analysis of the best free website makers available online, today we take a look at Wix and Jimdo. The two platforms have distinct approaches towards web publishing, which is very evident from the range of features they offer to users. Thus, it makes an interesting case study to compare the free website packages of Wix and Jimdo

Wix Believes in Style and Appearance

Visit the Wix website and you will be welcomed by beautiful graphics and advanced multimedia elements. That is the USP of the Wix easy web editor. It aims to make the internet a beautiful place for millions of users. To this end, Wix creates Flash-based websites that sport exciting design templates and multimedia features. This free website maker platform offers an extensive range of slideshow templates and photo albums. You can use high resolution images to optimize Wix templates. However, it scores low in terms of search engine optimization, since Flash-based websites are easily ignored by crawlers.

Jimdo Simplifies Web Publishing

Jimdo is a simplified website maker that offers all the features required for a high quality Web 2.0 website. Customizable headers and a comprehensive range of stock images differentiate Jimdo from other free website makers. Jimdo also offers a community website service that allows multiple users to create individual webpages on a single website. This service is ideal for group businesses, such as music bands.

In a nutshell, Jimdo is a good option for ecommerce websites, although it lags behind Wix when it comes to online portfolios and personal websites.