Faster Sharing on the Cards for Jimdo Users

File sharing has always been one of the biggest problems with all the content management systems. To simplify this process, Jimdo has teamed up with Dropbox. Rated among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, Jimdo will allow users to share files through Dropbox account across the net.

Jimdo, Dropbox Team Up: What Does It Means for the Users

To understand to analyze of the association between Jimdo and Dropbox, it is important to understand how this association works for users. Dropbox is one of the leading file sharing tools available online. It allows users to synchronize files across multiple workstations with the internet. The files and folders linked with the Dropbox account are accessible online and through all the associated workstations. Thus, file sharing is possible without any need to attach files through emails.

With the recent tie up, users will be able to upload contents from their Dropbox account directly to the Jimdo easy web editor. Thus, a user can upload files and content to a Jimdo page even while travelling or from a friend’s computer. It also provides a greater level of data protection as entire data is saved in the cloud.

Weebly and Jimdo – Which is a better Platform for Retail Businesses

With the immense popularity of online shopping, retail businesses are forced to create online space to survive the market competition. Retail businesses can opt for two types of online space – content-based website and ecommerce website. A content-based website can be developed for free through free website makers. However, ecommerce websites require monthly service charges. For a list of free web building platforms, visit the free website maker comparison chart.

Weebly and Jimdo are two of the most popular free website makers. Through this review you will get an insight into the pros and cons of these website makers for your retail business.

Weebly vs. Jimdo

Both Weebly and Jimdo have mastered the art of simplifying the website publishing process. To create a website, you have to sign up for a free account. After successful registration, you can choose a website template from the gallery. Weebly has a richer website template gallery than Jimdo. Using the free web editor, you can place content in the form of text, images, maps and videos.

When comparing their features for retail businesses, Weebly scores over Jimdo for greater support to search engine optimization, traffic monitoring statistics and better customer services. You can also sign up for Google Adsense program in collaboration with Weebly. With this program, you can earn significant amount of revenues from Google advertisements placed on your website.

The free website account of Jimdo is not as friendly for retail businesses as Weebly account. However, Jimdo Pro, the paid account, offers greater flexibility and high-end featuers for retail businesses.

Jimdo vs. Weebly

Continuing with the series to compare top contenders in the free website maker comparison chart, in this blog we take a look at Jimdo and Weebly. The most interesting part of this comparison review is that both these website makers have similar approach to web publishing. Thus, it is interesting to note the important features that make them score over each other.

Jimdo and Weebly: Simplifying Web Publishing Process

Both Jimdo and Weebly aim to provide simplified solution to the customers. To create a website with any of these free website makers, users need to get registered. After a successful registration, you get access to a free website account. Both Jimdo and Weebly have highly user-friendly interfaces with drag-and-drop functionality and support text, images and videos. With a range of professional templates available for free, there is always a higher probability of finding a free web template that suits your requirements. Moreover, you get access to a range of widgets to spice up your web space.

Jimdo vs. Weebly: Special Features

Jimdo has an exclusive ‘Pages to the People’ program which makes it score over Weebly. This program allows users to invite their friends to own a shared webspace. You can call it a merger of virtual networking and free web presence. Contrary to this, frequent upgrades are the strength of Weebly website builder. With the change in technology, Weebly upgrades widgets and offers new features. One such example is the mobile version of the Weebly websites which was launched in March 2010.

Free accounts of both the website makers are suitable for blogs and basic websites. However, for a professional website or ecommerce features, you have to upgrade to Weebly Pro or Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Business.