Add your store to an external website with EwiSoft

Suppose you are an enthusiastic designer who have great skill in Photoshop and Illustrator. Recently some online tutorials made you confident enough to go for designing your own website. Then you asked yourself what would I do with an website. Again some online research motivated you to do some business with the site. Why not! You can do the graphics design and somebody out there is needing the stuff. So you have designed a nice beautiful site, registered with a hosting company and planning your sales strategy. Then the problem arose- how will anyone pay you on the internet? You may leave a sigh and think that, if I knew some coding, then I could set up a eCommerce site! Don’t worry. EwiSoft has come up to help you set the store. You don’t have to build a site from the templates, just use them to build the payment method part on your lovely pages.

Here is the process to do it. Open your favorite HTML editor where your website is located and open the page you want to add a shopping cart of products onto. Go into the HTML view of your page and add the following codes:
Save the page and open Ewisoft eCommerce Builder. 4. In the Templates menu, select Add Template.

Browse and select the page. Click Yes to confirm that you are adding a template into Ewisoft eCommerce Builder. A preview of your page will appear. With a few clicks on Next and OK button, your page will be ready to add a shopping cart. Proceed to the Add your shopping cart to a page instructions.

Own a virtual shop with Doomby

People say that everything is getting hard and more complex day by day. And the fact is something that cannot be denied. But potential of human being lies in its fight against all the odds and hardship. So there are always opportunities open for every instance, no matter how complex the nature is. Doomby, the popular web builder reminded that one more time. Now a guy struggling to find a way to earn something in his own way can find Doomby as a savior that is offering to set up an online store for absolutely no cost.

If you have heard of e commerce and was interested to do things using that new virtual tools but was not very sure about the mechanism then you can place a blind bet on Doomby. If you’re a kind of person who wants to be proud by being its own boss and has the ability to produce anything on its own then you must always have been trying to figure out how you were going to be able to afford to market and distribute your creative wonders while you waited for the orders to start rolling in. Or maybe you’ve wanted to sell a plumbing, carpentry, cleaning or baby-sitting service online, but couldn’t really justify the cost of setting up an online store without a better idea of whether your business would really pick up as a result.

With Doomby, you can upgrade your website to an fully-fledged online store for free. All necessary features of e commerce, like, full range of payment methods, invoice creation and management, full control over your online store design, management of shipping and handling sharges and automatic sales tax calculations are all included in the free version of Doomby’s e-commerce website builder.

How to set up your online store with Weebly

The days of business has become more hard and everyone is there to are at each other throats. If you are planning to enter the business world, then it’s more convenient to do it virtually. Because you don’t have to ruin up your shoe to find a suitable shop in a suitable place, expend an handsome amount of dollars to pay advance for the shop. You can own a shop quite easily if you have a website of your own. With a very little or no cost that website can be turned into a online store. Did I hear you to say that you know nothing about building a website? Well, nothing to worry about. There are website builders who are ready to help you out.

Among the website builders, Weebly is one of the most popular one that lets you to have a online store even if you don’t pay anything for having a website. Other free web builders do not let you have the e commerce widgets until you become the paid user. So if you want to try your luck in business for the first time then you may sign up with Weebly and start building an online store with them.

And building the web store does not need any technical knowledge. There are some elements waiting for you on the Weebly interface to be used. Use those elements to upload image of your product, add description to it and set up the prices. Your orders will be received through either Google Checkout or PayPal and you will receive notification of the sale via email.