BuildYourSite and

BuildYourSite and are two of the most popular platforms for web publishing and content manage. Although listed among the best in the free website maker comparison chart, these platforms do not offer free web publishing services. However, BuildYourSite and are known to provide cost-effective customized web development solutions.

BuildYourSite: Different Packages for Different Needs

Standing in the league of popular platforms, BuildYourSite offers complete website development and publishing solutions. The starter package is priced at $9.95 per month and provides access to website builder, unlimited email accounts, apps library and free domain. For business solutions and ecommerce needs, the website maker offers advanced packages are available. Customize WordPress Publishing is a web development tool with a difference. It provides tools to enhance the capabilities of your WordPress blog. services include WordPress customization, designing templates, plug-ins and search engine optimization for your blog. With advanced features, such as automatic updates, security protection and 5 GB diskspace, is a high-end solution for your business. However, it is slightly overpriced at $19.95 per month for the basic package.

In a nutshell, for basic website requirements, BuildYourSite is a better choice as it is priced low and offers effective solutions. New Version to Release in September

In August 2010, successfully completed one year of free web publishing services. Having achieved this feat, the managed WordPress hosting provider announced the launch of in September. With the upgraded version, is aiming at providing better features, a host of new widgets and an integrated approach towards web development with the WordPress platform.

What to Expect From

The most pertinent question for customers is what they can expect from the new version. According to the official company blog, the new version is not a cosmetic makeover; instead, it will try to resolve process and design issues related to the web publishing platform. Users can also look forward to new features. The features and WordPress add-ons provided by are available through other service providers as well. Thus, the company might come up with exclusive additions that will enhance WordPress functionalities. Tools to employ social media integration and search engine optimization techniques are highly desired., a managed WordPress hosting platform, is an upcoming free website maker service. It is not featured on the top ten free website makers’ comparison chart as yet. With the arrival of, the company can hope to get itself a position among the coveted ranks on the comparison chart. Integrates Multiple Payment Options has enhanced the ecommerce features of its free web editor platform to accept
payments through PayPal. Previously, websites could support online transactions
through credit cards only. With the popularity of third-party transaction service providers
among internet users, has integrated PayPal, one of the best in the market, among
its payment options.

What are the Benefits for Users?

With this new feature in place,’s registered users would be able to accept online
transactions on their ecommerce websites through PayPal. Thus, when a customer
purchases an item through a ecommerce webstore, he can define his payment
preferences – PayPal or credit card. It is possible to make payments for different items
through different modes of transaction as well. However, a single payment cannot be
divided between the credit card and PayPal modes.

To set up this online transaction process on your website, the administrator has to
create an account with PayPal. Being an industry leader in the ecommerce segment,
PayPal has unparalleled infrastructure to secure online transactions across the globe.
Thus, consumers can enjoy the trust of PayPal while making payments on
websites. This will certainly help boost sales activities on user websites.

As is striving to secure a place among the top 10 free website makers in
the world, it is essential that this service provider upgrades its features to meet user
expectations. PayPal integration is one effort this direction.