Squarespace Launches Slideshow Feature

As the internet is overtly flooded with content, it has become essential to package the information in more interesting ways than a simple article. One of the content packaging methods that has seen immense popularity in recent days is slideshow. Content packaged in a slideshow format has the power of both text and images. Also, it can be presented in interesting ways to engage readers for longer durations.

Empowering the users with this interesting way of presenting content, Squarespace has introduced slideshow building feature in its editor.  Being among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, Squarespace commands a  significant market share in the free online website builder segment.  Here are some of the details about how you can use the new feature in Squarespace easy website editor

How to Use Squarespace Slideshow Feature

The new slideshow feature is available from the Squarespace WYSIWYG editor.  To insert a slideshow in a webpage or blog, you can drag-and-drop the slideshow icon to the specific location. Now, you can choose a template, from the gallery, based on the content you want to present in the slideshow.  You can  choose the number of slides, animation and effects to make the slideshow more engaging.

While most of the free website makers allow uploading slides from Slideshare and other popular platforms, Squarespace is the first free website maker to launch a proprietary tool.

Weebly and Squarespace: Which is a better Mobile Website Platform?

According to the experts, mobile commerce is the next big thing. With 3G technology in place, mobile commerce has become a trend in several countries. To capitalize on this trend, it is essential to get your website tailor-made for mobile viewing experience. With free websitemakers offering mobile websites, you are no more required to consider budget constraints. Weebly and Squarespace are two of the most popular mobile free website makers. Being listed on the free website maker comparison chart for months, these platforms are known for offering a great website experience and simplified web publishing.

Weebly vs. Squarespace

Squarespace launched mobile website services in 2009 after the exponential sale of iPhone and Android devices. To remain competitive in the market, Weebly introduced mobile version of free websites in December 2010. The benefit of these mobile websites is that when a user visits your site through mobile phone, a mobile-compatible version loads automatically. Thus, the user is not required to scroll extensively to read the content on your website.

Weebly allows customization of free mobile sites to ensure mobile-friendly content and right color themes. Every Weebly user can set mobile version of the site for no extra charges. Squarespace allows free mobile site as well as mobile web editing. However, the trial period ends in 14 days and the user has to pay for services after the trial period.

The verdict goes in favor of Weebly for providing good quality mobile website services for free.

Squarespace vs. Jimdo: Which of the Two Offers Smarter Web Publishing?

To continue the analysis of the finest free website makers, we will compare between Squarespace and Jimdo. These website makers hold the top positions, in the free website maker comparison chart. With an array of unique features, both the platforms facilitate distinct approaches to website creation. Let’s go through a brief study and gauge into the qualities of each that make them conspicuous.

Squarespace vs. Jimdo: Money Does Matter!

In terms of web publishing, Squarespace is considered to be smarter of the two; and to some extent it is! To build professional or commercial websites, Squarespace proves ideal since it offers rich collection of web templates, tools and features. For those who conduct their business online, Squarespace allows blog integration, traffic monitoring and social media integration in addition to web editing via iPhone and iPad. The only grey with Squarespace is that the free trial period is limited to two weeks, after which consumers have to pay $12 on a monthly basis to continue availing the services.

Jimdo facilitates all web features that are required for a premium quality Web 2.0 website. The Jimdo differentiators include customizable headers, stock image array and community website services which allow a number of users to create their own web pages on one website. Furthermore, this platform has a user-friendly interface allowing drag-and-drop functionality, along with support text, images and videos.

While Jimdo offers simplified website making solutions free of cost, Squarespace scores over it in terms of professional web building.