Squarespace vs. Jimdo: Which of the Two Offers Smarter Web Publishing?

To continue the analysis of the finest free website makers, we will compare between Squarespace and Jimdo. These website makers hold the top positions, in the free website maker comparison chart. With an array of unique features, both the platforms facilitate distinct approaches to website creation. Let’s go through a brief study and gauge into the qualities of each that make them conspicuous.

Squarespace vs. Jimdo: Money Does Matter!

In terms of web publishing, Squarespace is considered to be smarter of the two; and to some extent it is! To build professional or commercial websites, Squarespace proves ideal since it offers rich collection of web templates, tools and features. For those who conduct their business online, Squarespace allows blog integration, traffic monitoring and social media integration in addition to web editing via iPhone and iPad. The only grey with Squarespace is that the free trial period is limited to two weeks, after which consumers have to pay $12 on a monthly basis to continue availing the services.

Jimdo facilitates all web features that are required for a premium quality Web 2.0 website. The Jimdo differentiators include customizable headers, stock image array and community website services which allow a number of users to create their own web pages on one website. Furthermore, this platform has a user-friendly interface allowing drag-and-drop functionality, along with support text, images and videos.

While Jimdo offers simplified website making solutions free of cost, Squarespace scores over it in terms of professional web building.

Squarespace vs. Wix

When comparing Squarespace and Wix, it is a fight among equals. Holding top positions in the free website maker comparison chart since more than six months, these website makers offer rich user experience. What sets Wix and Squarespace apart from other free website makers is their niche consumer base.

Squarespace and Wix: USP Does Matter

Yes, the USP does matter when it comes to choice. The USP of Wix is Flash-based highly refined website that is fully customizable. This free website builder allows users to create websites for free by choosing from a range of professional quality web templates. Excellent color themes, high-end graphics and great support for images and videos make Wix a favorite among bloggers. The downsides for Wix are low-SEO friendly websites and comparatively a complex free web editor.

On the other hand, Squarespace positions itself as a smarter publishing tool. To a great extent it is. This is an ideal platform for websites that are professional or commercial in nature. By allowing web editing through iPhone and iPad, blog importing, social integration and traffic analysis, Squarespace manages to pitch itself to serious consumers. The only grey area is that the free trial period lasts for 14 days and subsequently you have to pay at least $12 per month to avail services.

For those whom money does not matter, Squarespace is the best choice. However, Wix reflects the true spirit of internet technology which fosters free space for all.

Squarespace Launches New Version of iPhone App

In a spree to remain updated with the dynamic online technology, Squarespace has revised its downloadable platform which is compatible with the iPhone. This application allows users to access their Squarespace account and update their website while on go. Although, the new version is an attempt to align the software with the new iPhone, it has some technological upgrades too.

Squarespace iPhone App: What’s New?

The revised version of the Squarespace platform is compatible with iPhone operating system upgrades in the recent past. It enhances multitasking feature and aligns with the Retina Display Support available in iPhone 4. Other technical revisions include:

  • Ability to edit the website in different modes including text, HTML, Textile and Markdown. Interestingly, the application opens up in the editing mode which was last used. This saves on time and efforts.
  • Moderate comments through iPhone. A user can reply, approve, mark as spam and email comments with the revised version.
  • Comments awaiting moderation will automatically send a push message to your iPhone.

Squarespace is one of the few website makers that allow web editing and publishing through iPhone. Owing to its latest features and innovative product ideas, Squarespace is able to reserve a place in the free website maker comparison chart.