Squarespace Launches Android App

Squarespace, ranked as one of the best platforms in the free website maker comparison chart, has launched a proprietary app for Android users. This application allows registered Squarespace users to manage their website from their Android-based mobile phones and tablets.

Squarespace Android App: Features

Like any other free website maker mobile application, this Android app allows users to manage content as well as the website template features. Although, the website editor options are limited as compared to the full version, however, users will not miss any important feature in the mobile app version. Content and comment management are the most important features of this app. Some advanced features are also included in the app, such as multiple account login for publishers, live site preview and real-time statistics. You can also set alerts for user traffic reports, similar to Google Analytics.

It is to be noted that Squarespace is among first few website makers to launch a mobile app. The company launched app for iPad and iPhone users in early 2011 and it is highly successful. Following the suite, many other free website makers also launched their mobile editor versions. However, the interface and feature offered by Squarespace mobile apps is unmatched.

How to Make a Choice Between BuildYourSite and Squarespace

BuildYourSite and Squarespace are two of the most popular website makers available online. Both the website makers follow nearly the same approach for creating and publishing a website. A user has to register with the website maker, choose a website template and upload the content. Although listed on the free website maker comparison chart, BuildYourSite and Squarespace do not fit into the most basic criteria, i.e. providing free website building.

BuildYourSite vs. Squarespace

When we say that BuildYourSite and Squarespace do not qualify for the league of free website makers, it is actually half-truth. Squarespace allows its registered users to enjoy a 14-day free trial period; however, BuildYourSite has no such scheme. After the free trial period, Squarespace users have to pay a minimum of $8 per month. The monthly fee for the basic package of BuildYourSite is $9.95 per month.

When comparing the features of both the website makers, Squarespace takes a clear lead over BuildYourSite. The former has an easy web editor to build an advanced website with Web 2.0 features. It also allows users to access the website editor through iPhone. Thus, you can edit your website, upload new content and reply to user comments while on the move.

Yola vs. Squarespace

Yola and Squarespace are considered to be one of the top free website makers available online. The popularity of these web building platforms is evident from their top listings on the free website maker comparison chart. However, most users are perplexed when they have to choose between the two. In this review, you can read a detailed comparative analysis of Yola and Squarespace in terms of what they offer and how each score over another.

Yola Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

If you are looking for a free web building account, Yola offers one of the best deals. To create a free website with Yola, you will need to register as a user. After successful registration, you can choose a website template, number of webpages, custom domain name and start website publishing. Simplified drag-and-drop free web editor, images and video integration, traffic analysis and SEO support makes Yola a smart choice.

Squarespace is Versatile, But Comes with a Price Tag

Squarespace certainly has an advantage over Yola in terms of the features it offers. Social media integration, iPad and iPhone access to web editor, blog functionality and extensive traffic analysis, make Squarespace one of the leading free website makers in the world. However, free access to this website maker is limited to 14 days after which the user has to pay monthly subscription charges.

Therefore, Yola is the preferred choice for users who want a website free of cost. However, if you are ready to shell out money, Squarespace is the deal for you.