Squarespace Launches Slideshow Feature

As the internet is overtly flooded with content, it has become essential to package the information in more interesting ways than a simple article. One of the content packaging methods that has seen immense popularity in recent days is slideshow. Content packaged in a slideshow format has the power of both text and images. Also, it can be presented in interesting ways to engage readers for longer durations.

Empowering the users with this interesting way of presenting content, Squarespace has introduced slideshow building feature in its editor.  Being among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, Squarespace commands a  significant market share in the free online website builder segment.  Here are some of the details about how you can use the new feature in Squarespace easy website editor

How to Use Squarespace Slideshow Feature

The new slideshow feature is available from the Squarespace WYSIWYG editor.  To insert a slideshow in a webpage or blog, you can drag-and-drop the slideshow icon to the specific location. Now, you can choose a template, from the gallery, based on the content you want to present in the slideshow.  You can  choose the number of slides, animation and effects to make the slideshow more engaging.

While most of the free website makers allow uploading slides from Slideshare and other popular platforms, Squarespace is the first free website maker to launch a proprietary tool.

Squarespace Launches New Version of iPhone App

In a spree to remain updated with the dynamic online technology, Squarespace has revised its downloadable platform which is compatible with the iPhone. This application allows users to access their Squarespace account and update their website while on go. Although, the new version is an attempt to align the software with the new iPhone, it has some technological upgrades too.

Squarespace iPhone App: What’s New?

The revised version of the Squarespace platform is compatible with iPhone operating system upgrades in the recent past. It enhances multitasking feature and aligns with the Retina Display Support available in iPhone 4. Other technical revisions include:

  • Ability to edit the website in different modes including text, HTML, Textile and Markdown. Interestingly, the application opens up in the editing mode which was last used. This saves on time and efforts.
  • Moderate comments through iPhone. A user can reply, approve, mark as spam and email comments with the revised version.
  • Comments awaiting moderation will automatically send a push message to your iPhone.

Squarespace is one of the few website makers that allow web editing and publishing through iPhone. Owing to its latest features and innovative product ideas, Squarespace is able to reserve a place in the free website maker comparison chart.

Squarespace Introduces Tag Cloud for a Heady Web Publishing

According to the Squarespace official blog, users can now head for the clouds, specifically the tag cloud. On the lines of a popular web publishing platform, WordPress, Squarespace has launched its tag cloud widget. This will allow Squarespace users to display popular tags on their website in a text-based graphical format. The bigger the font size of a tag in the cloud, the more popular it will be on the website.

Customized Tag Cloud from Squarespace

The good thing with Squarespace is that it is highly focused on usability features for all new upgrades. Testifying to its customer-centric approach, the easy web editor provides a range
of features with the tag cloud functionality. Thus, the term “tag cloud widget” and not just “tag cloud.” Some of the basic functionalities of the new widget are:

  • Choose to show all the tags used on a website or a selected few.
  • Select whether to display tags in a conventional cloud form or in linear pattern.
  • Choose the parameters to display tags in the cloud. One can use an alphabetic pattern, frequency or count to list the tags.
  • Stylize the tag cloud to sync with the website design template.

According to the official blog, tag cloud was in great demand by Squarespace users. With great functionality and customization features, this widget is expected to drive traffic. After all, users have been eagerly awaiting the upgrades that are expected to arrive as a result of the $38.5 million investment from Index Ventures and Accel Partners.