Brinkster vs. Vistaprint

Brinkster and Vistaprint are among the top free website makers available online. Both the platforms allow free accounts which facilitate users to create a website and upload content. While, both the website makers provide basic web publishing features, certain factors make Brinkster rank higher than Vistaprint on the free website maker comparison chart.

Brinkster vs. Vistaprint: How to Make a Choice?

Comparing Brinkster and Vistaprint head-on will give an idea that both the platforms are equally good for creating a free website. Brinkster allows you to create a free website containing 3 web pages, drag-and-drop editor and 15MB web space. Additional features include guestbook, photo album, flash intro, traffic counter, feedback form and multimedia archive. You can also use Meta tags to optimize your website for search engines.

Vistaprint has an advantage over Brinkster in terms of numbers. It offers a 3-page website, 25MB disk space and simplified text editor. Email integration is another unique feature that Vistaprint users can enjoy. However, the free account from Vistaprint does not provide search engine optimization and photo and video integration. Also, the free account facility is limited for a trial period of one month. After the trail period ends, you have to pay $2.99 per month to avail services.

The choice is simpler; Brinkster is the preferred option for creating a free website. However, if you want opt for a paid service, consider paid website packages for both Vistaprint and Brinkster.