Free Website Builders for Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce has changed the way organizations do business. With consumers purchasing more and more through online channels, small business and SMEs are forced to change their sales strategies. Thus, having an ecommerce website is a must for any business selling products or services online.

One of the most convenient ways to create an ecommerce site is through free website builders. You have to register as a user with a free website builder. You can choose a domain name, website template and upload different forms of content on the site. Once the website is live, you can integrate shopping cart and connect a payment gateway to allow ecommerce.

Top Ecommerce Free Website Builders

There are numerous free website builders available online, however, not all provide free ecommerce integration. Webstarts and Weebly are the most preferred free website builders for a free ecommerce integration. Both the platforms are rated among the top providers on the free website maker comparison chart. Other popular ecommerce free website builders are Jimdo, Brinkster and WebEden. Squarespace and Vistaprint also employ sophisticated ecommerce technology, but they are paid.

Wix Reviews: Why Wix is Best for Personal Websites

With the online boom, the purpose of having web presence is not limited to business and corporations. A large number of individuals prefer to create and manage their online presence. There can be different motives for creating a personal website; however, one thing that remains constant is the level of customization.

Wix Offers Customization Tools

Wix, rated as the one of the best platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, commands a large segment of the personal websites segment. This free website editor is known for highly attractive Flash-based website templates. To cater to the different individual tastes, the platform provides free templates for different categories, such as design and arts, food, health, lifestyle, fashion, music, portfolios and kids. You can always customize basic templates to add your personal touch.

With Wix, you can manage webpages and content on the site. Wix also allows users to add images, videos, slideshows and albums to make websites more personal. You can add social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, to keep your visitors updated.

Wix has been among the most preferred choice for personal websites and blogs. Easy-to-use interface and interactive features allow you to make a website without any knowledge of HTML.

Webstarts Introduces Facebook Commenting

With the popularity of social media platforms, free website makers available online are exploring new ways to leverage on the trend. In one such attempt, Webstarts, listed on the free website maker comparison chart, has integrated Facebook commenting feature.

How Facebook Commenting Will Help Webstarts Users

With this feature, website users will be able to comment on a Webstarts website through Facebook log-ins. If a user is already logged in with Facebook, he will be able to comment directly to the Webstarts website. Else, he will be asked to log into Facebook to post a comment.

Since, Facebook is the largest social network in the world, a majority of the active internet users have registered with this social platform. Also, Facebook has strict registration guidelines and ensures data security. Thus, Facebook commenting opens the gateway to fast, secure and easy comments from users across the globe. As ice on the topping, a notification about user’s comment will be posted on his wall, which increases the probability of traffic through Facebook.

To activate Facebook commenting, Webstarts users can select Facebook icon from the Featured Tools in the dashboard. Drag-and-drop it at the bottom of the page to activate it.