Webstarts vs Wix: Flash or No Flash

Webstarts and Wix are among the top free website makers available online. Both the platforms rank among the top three website builders in the free website maker comparison chart. However, there is a major difference between these top platforms. Webstarts is a strong advocate of non-Flash websites; however, Wix allows users to create highly creative Flash-based websites. This fundamental difference in the approach towards website development takes the competition to a new level.

Webstarts Cites Reasons to Avoid Flash

In a recent post on the official blog of Webstarts, the company has cited major reasons to avoid Flash-based websites. Apart of widely known reasons, such as SEO policies and high load time, Webstarts has cited compatibility with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as one of the major reasons for not building Flash-based websites. According to the official Webstarts blog, the upcoming version of the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will not extend support to Flash files. Thus, one cannot view Flash-based websites on the upcoming version of IE. If this version became a hit in the market, website admins with Flash-based sites have to redo their sites completely.

It is to be noted that Webstarts also supports Flash files. However, this website builder restricts Flash use to certain features, such as slideshows or multimedia presentations.

Brinkster versus Webstarts

With online branding gaining high importance in the global and local markets, a number of amateur internet users feel the need to set up a website. While the evolution of free website makers has made website development simpler, the process may seem complex to a new internet user. Thus, it is important to register with a website maker that offers extensive support to consumers.

Webstarts: Top Quality Customer Support

Having held the top position on the free website maker comparison chart since more than 12 months, Webstarts boasts of high quality customer support. The platform allows you to register for a free website and post content regularly through easy web editor. The content management and web publishing process is very simple. To make it simpler, Webstarts offers an extensive video tutorial on every aspect of the web publishing process.

Brinkster: Different Packages for Different Needs

As a free website maker, Brinkster is known for a range of free packages for different web publishing needs. There are varied packages for personal users, individual users and developers. These packages are good for regular internet users; however, they are not suitable for new internet users. Also, the platform lacks video tutorial support for new consumers.

Webstarts vs Weebly: What Makes Them Top Free Website Makers?

Webstarts and Weebly are among the top three free website makers in the world. Revolutionizing the web publishing process through continuous technology upgrades, both service providers offer the ability to create high quality websites, sporting advanced features such as social media integration, ecommerce services and SEO tools.

Webstarts vs Weebly: Fight for Simplicity

Webstarts and Weebly have unique easy web editors; however, one thing shared by both services is the concept of simplicity. Both free website makers focus highly on simplifying the web development and publishing process through various means. The website editing platforms of Webstarts and Weebly are simple to the extent that any individual with the most basic knowledge of GUI (graphic-user interface) can use them to create a website. Exciting features in an uncomplicated menu make these free website makers stand out in the crowd.

When it comes to differences, however, Webstarts has several unique features, such as multi-layer image formatting, search engine optimization tool, Flash support and full HTML control. Video tutorials covering different aspects of website development and publishing process extensively is an added advantage of Webstarts. However, Weebly boasts better web design templates and blogging tools. Its exclusive service, Weebly for Education, aims to connect schools, teachers and parents via an online platform, which is gaining popularity in the education sector.

To summarize, Webstarts is the best option for those who prefer simple design and powerful features, while Weebly is ideal for blogging enthusiasts and business websites.