Webstarts Review: Does Webstarts Allow Search Engine Optimization

Webstarts is among the top rate platforms on the free website maker comparison chart. This free website builder is recommended by experts for ease of use and minimalistic designs. However, one of the most important concerns for webmasters is search engine optimization since it accelerates traffic inflow. So, it is essential to consider SEO features before creating a website with Webstarts.

Webstarts SEO Features

Being one of the best online free website makers, Webstarts has a dedicated tool to make websites search engine friendly. To utilize “SEO Wizard” tool, you can follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Webstarts account
  • Go to “Edit Website” section
  • Open the page that you would like to optimize for a give set of keywords.
  • Go to “SEO Wizard” option from the “Tools” section.
  • Include Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords
  • Update the page to save changes
  • Perform similar action for other pages

Apart from adding Meta tags and keywords, Webstarts also have other features that help in optimizing the website for search engine. Some of these features are Google Site Map Support, image Meta tags and internal linking.

Webstarts vs Jimdo: Which is the Better of the Two for a Business Website?

Business gurus say that if you do not come online, you are bound to become history. With the boom in online retail industry, there is a great thrust among companies and organizations to create online presence. One of the most affordable ways of creating an online presence is to launch a website with a free website maker.

Webstarts and Jimdo have been among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart. These platforms enable you to create a high quality business website embedded with the latest technology features. However, both the platforms have their unique approaches to the process of website building and they target different set of consumers.

Webstarts vs. Jimdo: Comparing Features

Broadly, Webstarts and Jimdo offer the same basic features for web designing and publishing. You have to register with these platforms to create an account. Free website maker account enables you to choose a domain name and website template. Once you have defined the number of pages and their titles, you can start adding content in the form of images, graphics, text and videos.

With a free Jimdo account, you get access to some of the advanced features such as, search engine optimization, PayPal integration and corporate blog. Webstarts does not offer these features with the free account. However, it scores over Jimdo in terms of easy web editor, user tutorials and social media integration.

For a full-fledged business website, you have to buy professional packages offered by these platforms.

Webstarts Introduces Online Survey Feature

Thinking about promoting interaction on your website? Given the importance of customer interaction, Webstarts, one of the best free website makers online, has introduced two new features – online survey and quizzes. Users can add these features to their Webstarts website and ask customers to participate.

Benefits of the New Webstarts Features

With millions of websites vying to grab user attention in virtual space, it is essential to engage customers in some meaningful activity on the website. Almost every website provides information related to the products or service it offers and has ecommerce services; and adding the element of interaction requires your customer to stay a longer period of time on your website. Greater length of time translates into repeat customers and also helps in increasing search engine ranking. To this end, surveys and quizzes are great tools for retaining customer attention.

A Webstarts user can start a survey full of questions related to the customer’s perception of your website. In this way, you can seek suggestions on how to improve the website. Quizzes, as a non-technical interaction tool, are a fun way to gauge customer’s feedback on your website and products/services.

Webstarts has launched the surveys and quizzes tools in less than 15 days time after the launch of its chat tool, another important interaction service. This explains why Webstarts has remained on the top of free website maker comparison chart for last four months.