Webstarts Review: What are the Benefits of Webstarts Free Website Maker

Webstarts is among the best platforms on the free website maker comparison chart. Enabling users to create interesting and engaging free websites, Webstarts is known for simple web editing interface and a user-friendly environment. In this blog you will read about other major benefits of this free website building platform.

Benefits of Webstarts

Being in the market for quite long, Webstarts understands user requirements. This understanding gets reflected in their features and the overall approach to the website building process. One factor that differentiates Webstarts from other platforms is their large archive of video tutorials. New users can use this archive to understand both beginner and advanced level of website editing through Webstarts free editor.

Another positive about Webstarts is that platform gets updated frequently to integrate latest developments in the field of internet marketing. For example, when Google+ hit the market, Webstarts integrated Google+ sharing button and wrote a blog to make users understands the possibilities of this new social network. Thus, Webstarts constantly upgrade their features for the benefit of the users.

However, not all is gold with Webstarts. Some of the grey areas are ecommerce and multimedia integration. Other platforms, such as Wix and Weebly, offer better support for images, videos and slideshows integration as compared to Webstarts.

Brinkster versus Webstarts

With online branding gaining high importance in the global and local markets, a number of amateur internet users feel the need to set up a website. While the evolution of free website makers has made website development simpler, the process may seem complex to a new internet user. Thus, it is important to register with a website maker that offers extensive support to consumers.

Webstarts: Top Quality Customer Support

Having held the top position on the free website maker comparison chart since more than 12 months, Webstarts boasts of high quality customer support. The platform allows you to register for a free website and post content regularly through easy web editor. The content management and web publishing process is very simple. To make it simpler, Webstarts offers an extensive video tutorial on every aspect of the web publishing process.

Brinkster: Different Packages for Different Needs

As a free website maker, Brinkster is known for a range of free packages for different web publishing needs. There are varied packages for personal users, individual users and developers. These packages are good for regular internet users; however, they are not suitable for new internet users. Also, the platform lacks video tutorial support for new consumers.

Webstarts and Jimdo: Which Platform has Better Social Media Integration?

With the exponential growth of Facebook and Twitter, social media has become the most popular trend of the century. Despite the word ‘social’ attached, this form of internet use has created ripples in the online marketing industry. To remain competitive and to capitalize on consumer trends, social media integration has become an urgent requirement for website owners.

As social media integration became a common phenomenon, free website makers began to add widgets so that their customers can leverage on the social media boom. In this review, you will read about social media integration features of Webstarts and Jimdo platforms.

Social Media Features of Webstarts and Jimdo

Being the most popular social media platform, Facebook is supported by both Webstarts and Jimdo. Both the website makers allow users to integrate their Facebook profiles with their websites. Once integrated, users can view a Facebook badge on their websites. Facebook allows different types of badges, such as profile badge and Facebook update badge. Users can also include Facebook share button to allow visitors to share a webpage with their friends. Adding a Facebook badge for company profile page on the website can work wonders for the users.

Contrary to Jimbo, Webstarts allow Twitter integration as well. With Twitter account integration, users can add the Twitter badge or Twitter sharing button on their website.