Webstarts vs Wix: Flash or No Flash

Webstarts and Wix are among the top free website makers available online. Both the platforms rank among the top three website builders in the free website maker comparison chart. However, there is a major difference between these top platforms. Webstarts is a strong advocate of non-Flash websites; however, Wix allows users to create highly creative Flash-based websites. This fundamental difference in the approach towards website development takes the competition to a new level.

Webstarts Cites Reasons to Avoid Flash

In a recent post on the official blog of Webstarts, the company has cited major reasons to avoid Flash-based websites. Apart of widely known reasons, such as SEO policies and high load time, Webstarts has cited compatibility with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as one of the major reasons for not building Flash-based websites. According to the official Webstarts blog, the upcoming version of the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will not extend support to Flash files. Thus, one cannot view Flash-based websites on the upcoming version of IE. If this version became a hit in the market, website admins with Flash-based sites have to redo their sites completely.

It is to be noted that Webstarts also supports Flash files. However, this website builder restricts Flash use to certain features, such as slideshows or multimedia presentations.

Webstarts Review: Does Webstarts Allow Search Engine Optimization

Webstarts is among the top rate platforms on the free website maker comparison chart. This free website builder is recommended by experts for ease of use and minimalistic designs. However, one of the most important concerns for webmasters is search engine optimization since it accelerates traffic inflow. So, it is essential to consider SEO features before creating a website with Webstarts.

Webstarts SEO Features

Being one of the best online free website makers, Webstarts has a dedicated tool to make websites search engine friendly. To utilize “SEO Wizard” tool, you can follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Webstarts account
  • Go to “Edit Website” section
  • Open the page that you would like to optimize for a give set of keywords.
  • Go to “SEO Wizard” option from the “Tools” section.
  • Include Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords
  • Update the page to save changes
  • Perform similar action for other pages

Apart from adding Meta tags and keywords, Webstarts also have other features that help in optimizing the website for search engine. Some of these features are Google Site Map Support, image Meta tags and internal linking.

Webstarts Introduces Facebook Commenting

With the popularity of social media platforms, free website makers available online are exploring new ways to leverage on the trend. In one such attempt, Webstarts, listed on the free website maker comparison chart, has integrated Facebook commenting feature.

How Facebook Commenting Will Help Webstarts Users

With this feature, website users will be able to comment on a Webstarts website through Facebook log-ins. If a user is already logged in with Facebook, he will be able to comment directly to the Webstarts website. Else, he will be asked to log into Facebook to post a comment.

Since, Facebook is the largest social network in the world, a majority of the active internet users have registered with this social platform. Also, Facebook has strict registration guidelines and ensures data security. Thus, Facebook commenting opens the gateway to fast, secure and easy comments from users across the globe. As ice on the topping, a notification about user’s comment will be posted on his wall, which increases the probability of traffic through Facebook.

To activate Facebook commenting, Webstarts users can select Facebook icon from the Featured Tools in the dashboard. Drag-and-drop it at the bottom of the page to activate it.