Webstarts and Jimdo: Which Platform has Better Social Media Integration?

With the exponential growth of Facebook and Twitter, social media has become the most popular trend of the century. Despite the word ‘social’ attached, this form of internet use has created ripples in the online marketing industry. To remain competitive and to capitalize on consumer trends, social media integration has become an urgent requirement for website owners.

As social media integration became a common phenomenon, free website makers began to add widgets so that their customers can leverage on the social media boom. In this review, you will read about social media integration features of Webstarts and Jimdo platforms.

Social Media Features of Webstarts and Jimdo

Being the most popular social media platform, Facebook is supported by both Webstarts and Jimdo. Both the website makers allow users to integrate their Facebook profiles with their websites. Once integrated, users can view a Facebook badge on their websites. Facebook allows different types of badges, such as profile badge and Facebook update badge. Users can also include Facebook share button to allow visitors to share a webpage with their friends. Adding a Facebook badge for company profile page on the website can work wonders for the users.

Contrary to Jimbo, Webstarts allow Twitter integration as well. With Twitter account integration, users can add the Twitter badge or Twitter sharing button on their website.

Best Website Makers for Ease of Use

The internet is flooded with numerous website makers. To choose the best from this crowd, it is essential to compare them on some parameters. Although, pricing is probably the most significant parameter for comparison, one should give due importance to user-friendly interface.

Website Makers with a Simplified Platform

Here is a list of website makers that are known for simplified web publishing process:

  • Webstarts: Ruling the online website maker comparison chart, Webstarts is able to attract large number of users due to its easy web editor. A simple drag-and-drop interface makes web publishing tasks simpler beyond imagination. All the essential web publishing features can be accessed without navigation.
  • Weebly: A well-structured web editing interface makes Weebly one of the best website makers for user-friendliness. Since, the web editing platform offers extensive features one has to browse through the navigational structure. The main highlight of Weebly’s user-friendly platform is the organized menus for essential features such as, image editing menu.
  • Brinkster: This new website maker service is gaining popularity for its user-friendly platform characterized by drag-and-drop interface. It allows users to activate a feature with a single click.
  • Jimdo: Jimdo is the pioneer website maker to launch the concept of one-click publishing. The Jimdo platform is based on website elements. You can simply click on different elements on your Jimdo page and edit them instantly.

To simplify the process of website development, it is essential to choose a website maker that offers user-friendly interface. A complex platform with extensive features is of no use, if you cannot deploy basic functionality properly.

Webstarts vs Weebly: What Makes Them Top Free Website Makers?

Webstarts and Weebly are among the top three free website makers in the world. Revolutionizing the web publishing process through continuous technology upgrades, both service providers offer the ability to create high quality websites, sporting advanced features such as social media integration, ecommerce services and SEO tools.

Webstarts vs Weebly: Fight for Simplicity

Webstarts and Weebly have unique easy web editors; however, one thing shared by both services is the concept of simplicity. Both free website makers focus highly on simplifying the web development and publishing process through various means. The website editing platforms of Webstarts and Weebly are simple to the extent that any individual with the most basic knowledge of GUI (graphic-user interface) can use them to create a website. Exciting features in an uncomplicated menu make these free website makers stand out in the crowd.

When it comes to differences, however, Webstarts has several unique features, such as multi-layer image formatting, search engine optimization tool, Flash support and full HTML control. Video tutorials covering different aspects of website development and publishing process extensively is an added advantage of Webstarts. However, Weebly boasts better web design templates and blogging tools. Its exclusive service, Weebly for Education, aims to connect schools, teachers and parents via an online platform, which is gaining popularity in the education sector.

To summarize, Webstarts is the best option for those who prefer simple design and powerful features, while Weebly is ideal for blogging enthusiasts and business websites.