Weebly is a quite simple but fundamentally powerful website maker. It’s very intuitive and has several templates to use and play around with. It loads very quickly and has built in analytics and a blog.

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Weebly is a personal favorite with us, with its simple drag and drop interface and creating a full website. Weebly has also embedded a great analytics tool, video hosting and formatting tools which really make it ideal for small businesses and personal websites. In general we found that the site really serves users well if they need a flexible solution which is also friendly to search engines.

Recently Weebly have added dozens and dozens of new designs to their site and released a really nifty new control panel, or dashboard. They work very well with their community and seem to deliver many features that there are for by their community.

Wix vs Weebly: Which Platforms Has Better Video Integration

According to recent industry reports, consumption of information in the form of video content has increased significantly. Thanks to video hosting platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion. With an expected rise in video consumption, it is not prudent for a website owner to ignore video integration features for the website. Thus, one should consider video integration while selecting a free website maker.

Video Integration with Wix and Weebly

Wix and Weebly are among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart. Both the platforms offer user-friendly interface and a rich template gallery. Also, both Wix and Weebly support video integration from all major platforms, such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe and Vimeo. To integrate a video, users can simply copy and paste the video URL in the free website editor.
However, Wix scores over Weebly in terms of overall video presentation. With Wix, users can choose from different video player sizes. This becomes important if one wants to integrate video within the text, and not have video as standalone content.

Video integration is an important part of overall internet marketing strategy. However, one can choose simpler forms of content presentation as well, such as a Slideshare presentation.

Weebly Organizes Live Training Sessions for Users

Weebly has always been rated among the top free website makers. Since 2010, this platform has secured top positions in the free website maker comparison chart. Powered by highly user-friendly web editing interface, Weebly has simplified the website development process of novice users. An extensive range of web design templates and exciting web features also help Weebly score over other free website makers. However, one feature that has been the differentiator for Weebly is its user tutorials.

Join Weebly Live Training Sessions
Starting May 2011, Weebly has started organizing live training sessions in the form of webinar to simplify the website development process of its users. These seminars are conducted on a regular basis for beginner and advanced users. On every Tuesday, introductory seminar is organized for beginners and on every Thursday, proficient users can participate in advanced website editing seminar. These seminars are approximately 50 minutes in duration, followed by a small Q&A segment. Users can also access recorded version of these seminars for later use.

Organizing live seminar is a great way to educate users about Weebly website editing platform. These seminars will help people optimize Weebly features and create interesting websites.