Weebly Organizes Live Training Sessions for Users

Weebly has always been rated among the top free website makers. Since 2010, this platform has secured top positions in the free website maker comparison chart. Powered by highly user-friendly web editing interface, Weebly has simplified the website development process of novice users. An extensive range of web design templates and exciting web features also help Weebly score over other free website makers. However, one feature that has been the differentiator for Weebly is its user tutorials.

Join Weebly Live Training Sessions
Starting May 2011, Weebly has started organizing live training sessions in the form of webinar to simplify the website development process of its users. These seminars are conducted on a regular basis for beginner and advanced users. On every Tuesday, introductory seminar is organized for beginners and on every Thursday, proficient users can participate in advanced website editing seminar. These seminars are approximately 50 minutes in duration, followed by a small Q&A segment. Users can also access recorded version of these seminars for later use.

Organizing live seminar is a great way to educate users about Weebly website editing platform. These seminars will help people optimize Weebly features and create interesting websites.

Weebly and Jimdo: Which Platform Features Better SEO

If you want to increase online sales for your business, having a website is a must. A website works as an online shop for your business and provides necessary information about products or services to prospective customers. However, having a website is just the first lap of the online sales race. To compete with other websites, you need to make your website search engine friendly. This requires employing search engine optimization or SEO strategies for your website so that it ranks higher in search results.

Fortunately, free website makers, such as Weebly and Jimdo, allow SEO integration. Having ranked on the free website maker comparison chart, these two platforms have the best SEO features in the league.

Weebly vs. Jimdo: Who Wins the SEO Race?

While the website development and publishing approach of both the platforms is very much similar, they differ in terms of SEO integration. Jimdo allows basic search engine optimization for all the free websites. Jimdo sites are automatically optimized for popular search engines. A user can edit site description and Meta keywords to optimize the site for most relevant keywords. Weebly, on the other hand, offers a greater degree of SEO features. Apart from site description and Meta keywords, a user can include header and footer code for SEO purposes.

While Weebly races ahead of Jiimdo in the SEO race, neither of the two provides on-page optimization.

Webstarts vs Weebly: What Makes Them Top Free Website Makers?

Webstarts and Weebly are among the top three free website makers in the world. Revolutionizing the web publishing process through continuous technology upgrades, both service providers offer the ability to create high quality websites, sporting advanced features such as social media integration, ecommerce services and SEO tools.

Webstarts vs Weebly: Fight for Simplicity

Webstarts and Weebly have unique easy web editors; however, one thing shared by both services is the concept of simplicity. Both free website makers focus highly on simplifying the web development and publishing process through various means. The website editing platforms of Webstarts and Weebly are simple to the extent that any individual with the most basic knowledge of GUI (graphic-user interface) can use them to create a website. Exciting features in an uncomplicated menu make these free website makers stand out in the crowd.

When it comes to differences, however, Webstarts has several unique features, such as multi-layer image formatting, search engine optimization tool, Flash support and full HTML control. Video tutorials covering different aspects of website development and publishing process extensively is an added advantage of Webstarts. However, Weebly boasts better web design templates and blogging tools. Its exclusive service, Weebly for Education, aims to connect schools, teachers and parents via an online platform, which is gaining popularity in the education sector.

To summarize, Webstarts is the best option for those who prefer simple design and powerful features, while Weebly is ideal for blogging enthusiasts and business websites.