Webstarts vs. Weebly: Exploring Ecommerce Features

Ecommerce functionality is crucial for any website that has an aim to sell products or services online. This feature allows you to set up a web store and receive online payments through shopping cart software. Webstarts and Weebly are known for providing high quality ecommerce services. Rated among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, both the website builders promise robust, safe and secure ecommerce integration on your website.

What is the Difference in Webstarts and Weebly Ecommerce Services

Webstarts and Weebly fall in the league of free website makers; however, ecommerce services are not a part of the free package. So, you have to sign up for paid packages. Webstarts offers all-in-one internet marketing solutions with customizable shopping cart software. The software allows fixed price and recurring payments via Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. You can also send product updates and other email alerts to your customers automatically.

Weebly allows PayPal and Google Checkout shopping cart integration. With this feature, you can customize these shopping card products to match your website theme and include a payment button for purchases.

Weebly does not have proprietary ecommerce software, but facilitates deploying of a third-party services using HTML code. Thus, Webstarts is a better option for advanced ecommerce features.

Weebly vs. Brinkster

Weebly has been holding top positions in the free website maker comparison chart for several months. High quality free web editor and constant technology upgrade has made Weebly a grand success in the free website building market. However, the oldie is facing stiff competition from the newbie Brinkster. This comparative study will offer a concise review of what Weebly and Brinkster have to offer.

Weebly: Offering Quality Product Features

Providing professional website design templates and free web hosting service, Weebly helps in building a high quality website absolutely free of cost. You can add pictures, videos, music, photo albums and documents to the website. Keeping pace with modern technological changes, Weebly also offer traffic analysis tools, search engine optimization and Google Adword integration for free websites. These features make Weebly one of the top free website makers in the world.

Brinkster: From Good to Better

After a modest start, Brinkster has evolved to a full-fledged free website editor. To compete with the established brands in the market, Brinkster has simplified the web publishing process for its consumers. The free package comes with basic features, such as photo album, traffic counter, flash intro and guest book. The most important aspect of Brinkster is its well-defined packages for paid services. Unlike Weebly, Brinkster has categorized paid web development services into personal, professional and developer packages in order to attract a large pool of consumers.

Weebly is the preferred choice for majority of the consumers for both personal and professional website. However, Brinkster proves a good choice for people who are not web friendly.

Wix vs. Weebly

It is always hard to choose between the bests. As a consumer, you will be in a quandary while choosing between Wix and Weebly, holding top positions in the free website maker comparison chart. Both the platforms understand the needs of their specific set of consumers and offer extensive web publishing tools to suit their requirements. Here is a comparative analysis of the free website makers – Wix and Weebly.

Wix: Style and Creativity Par Excellence

Amazing graphics and creative treatment of multimedia options differentiates Wix from other free website makers. Flash-based websites created through Wix free web editor offers a range of slideshow templates and photo albums. From template theme to image icons, Wix allows customization at every level. However, user-friendliness remains a grey area for this free website maker platform. Also worth mentioning is the fact that search engines do not crawl Flash-based websites.

Weebly Offers a Comparatively Elaborate Interface

Weebly is a more sophisticated free website maker which implies that it incorporates more features and applications required to publish and manage a website. However, the element of sophistication does not interfere with user experience. Weebly offers a highly user-friendly interface with extensive detailing to help users with web development and publishing. Apart from standard free web editor tools, Weebly offers Google Adsense integration, ecommerce functionality and traffic statistics, among others.

In a nut shell, Wix aptly suits the requirements of those individuals who want a blog or a personalized website. However, Weebly is the choice for customers who want a professional website with advanced back-end functionalities.