Indigloo vs. Weebly

With majority of the free website makers offering similar advantages, choosing a platform has become a daunting task for users. Same is the case when choosing between Indigloo and Weebly. Both the platforms offer simplified website publishing, drag-and-drop editor, image and video integration and user-friendly text editor. However, there are certain features which makes Weebly score a higher rank on the free website maker comparison chart.

How Weebly Scores Over Indigloo

While both the platforms offer basic web development and publishing tools, Weebly scores over Indigloo in certain departments. The website template gallery of Weebly is more versatile and caters to the demand of a wide variety of users. Also, the content management function is simpler with the Weebly free text editor. Indigloo’s system require more practice to increase efficiency. Weebly also offers free traffic monitoring report and on-page analysis to the free account holders. Free Weebly users can optimize content on their website pages and connect it to Google Adsense program to earn revenue. The Indigloo platform has limited these features to paid accounts.

Moreover, Weebly has a top-notch customer support service via phone or email. An extensive range of video tutorials always come handy for new Weebly users.

Weebly vs. Brinkster

Weebly has been holding top positions in the free website maker comparison chart for several months. High quality free web editor and constant technology upgrade has made Weebly a grand success in the free website building market. However, the oldie is facing stiff competition from the newbie Brinkster. This comparative study will offer a concise review of what Weebly and Brinkster have to offer.

Weebly: Offering Quality Product Features

Providing professional website design templates and free web hosting service, Weebly helps in building a high quality website absolutely free of cost. You can add pictures, videos, music, photo albums and documents to the website. Keeping pace with modern technological changes, Weebly also offer traffic analysis tools, search engine optimization and Google Adword integration for free websites. These features make Weebly one of the top free website makers in the world.

Brinkster: From Good to Better

After a modest start, Brinkster has evolved to a full-fledged free website editor. To compete with the established brands in the market, Brinkster has simplified the web publishing process for its consumers. The free package comes with basic features, such as photo album, traffic counter, flash intro and guest book. The most important aspect of Brinkster is its well-defined packages for paid services. Unlike Weebly, Brinkster has categorized paid web development services into personal, professional and developer packages in order to attract a large pool of consumers.

Weebly is the preferred choice for majority of the consumers for both personal and professional website. However, Brinkster proves a good choice for people who are not web friendly.

Jimdo vs. Weebly

Continuing with the series to compare top contenders in the free website maker comparison chart, in this blog we take a look at Jimdo and Weebly. The most interesting part of this comparison review is that both these website makers have similar approach to web publishing. Thus, it is interesting to note the important features that make them score over each other.

Jimdo and Weebly: Simplifying Web Publishing Process

Both Jimdo and Weebly aim to provide simplified solution to the customers. To create a website with any of these free website makers, users need to get registered. After a successful registration, you get access to a free website account. Both Jimdo and Weebly have highly user-friendly interfaces with drag-and-drop functionality and support text, images and videos. With a range of professional templates available for free, there is always a higher probability of finding a free web template that suits your requirements. Moreover, you get access to a range of widgets to spice up your web space.

Jimdo vs. Weebly: Special Features

Jimdo has an exclusive ‘Pages to the People’ program which makes it score over Weebly. This program allows users to invite their friends to own a shared webspace. You can call it a merger of virtual networking and free web presence. Contrary to this, frequent upgrades are the strength of Weebly website builder. With the change in technology, Weebly upgrades widgets and offers new features. One such example is the mobile version of the Weebly websites which was launched in March 2010.

Free accounts of both the website makers are suitable for blogs and basic websites. However, for a professional website or ecommerce features, you have to upgrade to Weebly Pro or Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Business.