Doodlekit Integrates Google Checkout Services

With a view to enhance its ecommerce website services, Doodlekit has integrated Google Checkout. This will allow Doodlekit website administrators to accept payment through two of the most popular online transaction platforms – PayPal and Google Checkout.

What is Google Checkout?

Google Checkout is an ecommerce service provider that allows online transactions between the buyer and the seller. To install this service, users need to create a website with Doodlekit and activate their account with Google Checkout. Once the service is installed, a ‘Google Checkout’ button will be displayed with the payment options on the Doodlekit website.

Google Checkout online payment service will help Doodlekit website users to increase their online sales by expanding their consumer base. This service provides a highly user-friendly process to make online payments. A user can simply add all the items to the cart and make a single payment for purchasing different products from the website.

Apart from the online payment options upgrade, Doodlekit has also made other smaller modifications to the shopping cart software. One of the notable upgrades is the ability to provide multiple options for a single product. With this upgrade, website administrators will be able to include information about different variants of a single product class. Thus, while shopping, customers can choose the specifications, such as size, color and material, of the product according to their requirement.

Integrate Google Webmaster Tools With Webs Account

Making a big leap in the world of free website maker, Webs easy web editor now allows integration with Google webmaster tools. This move is expected to enable free website administrators to manage crucial information and statistics, such as impressions, sitemap and user visits more effectively.

What are Google Webmaster Tools?

All search engines perform regular indexing activities to search for new or updated content. The indexing activity for a particular website plays a huge role in defining its search page ranking. The Google webmaster is a set of tools that helps website administrators improve their indexing status and manage user traffic statistics. It is an advanced set of applications that helps you index your website comprehensively with the Google search engine.

How to Set Up Google Webmaster Tools

You need to follow these steps to integrate Google webmaster tools in your Webs account:

  • Create a website with the Webs easy web editor platform.
  • Log in to the account and go to the Site Settings page.
  • Click on the Google webmaster section and log in with your Google username and password.
  • This will open up a new pop up window. Enter the website URL in the window and press continue.
  • This action will generate a Meta tag. Copy this tag and paste it in the Meta tag box available on the Site Settings page.
  • Save Changes and you are done.

Google webmaster tools are slightly complicated. Initially, users have to devote some time and effort in understanding the functionalities and features. That being said, adding these tools will certainly give a leading edge to free websites built through Webs over other popular easy web editors.

Homstead To Upgrade Storefront and Sitebuilder

With a view to enhancing user-friendly features and providing better applications, Homestead is undergoing a range of website upgrades. Most of the upgrades are centered on the Storefront environment and Sitebuilder interface. With these upgrades, Homestead is aiming to increase its share of the free website maker segment.

The Storefront Upgrade

The new Homestead Storefront will include features such as one-page checkout and eBay listings. There are numerous small scale upgrades as well, such as improving button images, information messages and search results. The upgrades are focused on providing tools and information for a better ecommerce shopping experience. According the company’s blog, several Storefront process issues reported by consumers are solved in this upgrade.

Sitebuilder Enhancements

Homestead has enhanced the Sitebuilder for visual appeal and user-friendly features. The basic interface of the Sitebuilder has been modified to accommodate easy recognizable icons. The shortcut menu is also updated to include a greater number of essential features, such as text, image, photo gallery, HTML, media files, rectangle tool and PayPal. Also, the design tools have been categorized into specific segments – personal and business sites. This will allow users to access features in a more organized manner.

To capitalize on the social media boom, Homestead is planning to launch a new set of social networking features, fully integrated with the existing websites. According to the 2010 ratings, Homestead is not included in the top 10 website builder list. It is expected that with these upgrades, this easy web editor tool will be able to serve users in a better way.