Wix Express: Create Free Websites at Lightning Speed

Innovation has been the topmost priority for Wix. Probably, that is the most important reason due to which this Flash-based website builder is able to compete with other SEO-friendly free website makers. Ranked among the top three platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, Wix has come up with a lightning speed solution for novice web users. The company has launched express editing platform for creating websites quickly and simply.

Wix Express Review

According to the official Wix blog, some internet users want a quick, straight-forward and instant solution to their website development requirements. Wix Express is build for such customers, who do not have time to invest into building an online property. Primary feature of Wix Express is a highly user-friendly interface that tells you how to build a in simple steps. Thus, eliminating the probability of errors in the process.

With Wix Express, the website development process is divided in four steps:

  • Filling in site details.
  • Choosing and customizing a website template
  • Managing pages and content
  • Publishing the site and sharing it with your friends

As the website development process is presented in a structured fashion, Wix Express is a good option for novice users. Based on the feedback from the developers’ community, Wix is expected to create a full-fledged CMS for Wix websites.

Wix Reviews: Why Wix is Best for Personal Websites

With the online boom, the purpose of having web presence is not limited to business and corporations. A large number of individuals prefer to create and manage their online presence. There can be different motives for creating a personal website; however, one thing that remains constant is the level of customization.

Wix Offers Customization Tools

Wix, rated as the one of the best platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, commands a large segment of the personal websites segment. This free website editor is known for highly attractive Flash-based website templates. To cater to the different individual tastes, the platform provides free templates for different categories, such as design and arts, food, health, lifestyle, fashion, music, portfolios and kids. You can always customize basic templates to add your personal touch.

With Wix, you can manage webpages and content on the site. Wix also allows users to add images, videos, slideshows and albums to make websites more personal. You can add social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, to keep your visitors updated.

Wix has been among the most preferred choice for personal websites and blogs. Easy-to-use interface and interactive features allow you to make a website without any knowledge of HTML.

Wix Introduces Custom Facebook Page Templates

Social media has gained immense momentum in the recent past. Its application value is not limited to social circles but has encompassed business domains as well. One of the most interesting ways to promote your business on social media is through Facebook fan pages. And with Wix, one of the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, offering free custom Facebook page templates, the user experience is expected to rate high.

What are Wix Facebook Page Templates

Facebook allows businesses and individuals to create fan pages to connect with friends and groups on this most popular social networking site. As a branding exercise, businesses prefer to customize their Facebook fan pages for an engaging user experience. Usually, one can add business logo, service or product details, social campaigns, other social media profiles and website details to the fan page.

Most of the companies hire internet marketing and technology experts to customize their Facebook fan pages. However, with free custom templates from Wix, users will be able to create custom Facebook fan pages with ease through the easy web editor. Wix has named this new feature as Wix powered Facebook site.