Wix Mobile: Free Website Maker for Mobile Sites

According to the official Wix blog, approximately US mobile users access internet through smartphones. With this trend rising, businesses and organizations have to focus on building a mobile friendly version of their site to attract smartphone customers. To capitalize on this trend, Wix has launched free website maker for creating and managing mobile sites.

 Wix Mobile: A Review

Wix  developers are always able to integrate the best features of their web editing platform in different versions. This approach gives a familiar interface experience to the user across different versions. Also, years of experience in developing free websites and users’ feedback comes handy in creating adding value to the interface for new versions. Thus, Wix Mobile stands for smart user interface, intelligent mobile-specific features and exciting design templates.

The website development process is similar to the standard website editor. A user can sign up for a Wix account, choose a domain name, select a template, create pages and publish the site. Wix Mobile version is HTML 5 compatible for easy upgrades. It is specifically developed for viewing on Android-based smartphones and iPhones.

If you already have a registered domain name and a Wix site, you can still create a mobile site and edit settings so that a user reaches mobile site if he is accessing internet via smartphone. Users who do not have Wix standard site can also use Wix Mobile.

Wix or Weebly: Which is a Better Platform for a Free Personal Website?

When it comes to a personal website, versatility and creativity is very important. Both, Wix and Weebly, are known for their professional website templates and easy web editor. These platforms have been among the top contenders on the free website maker comparison chart. However, this comparative review will tell you if these free website builders have the potential to reflect your individual taste and personality through a customized website.

Wix Supports Creativity, Weebly Offers Simplicity

Using Flash-based websites, Wix is a high-end platform for personal websites. It has one of the richest galleries of website templates. Cool colors, creative designs and high-level of personalization defines a Wix website. The Wix gallery contains a variety of designs to reflect different personalities, moods and interest. This, supplemented by amazing photo and video integration features and social media benefits, makes Wix a perfect tool for personal websites.

On the other hand, Weebly is known for simplifying the web building process. Its web template gallery showcases simple, yet effective designs. With a powerful drag-and-drop editor, this platform scores over Wix in terms of easy website content management. Weebly also supports different types of content such as, photo, video, graphics and maps.

Finally, the choice is yours. To make a website with superior personal touch, opt for Wix.

Wix Updates Web Editor To Score Higher in User-Friendliness

For the users of free website makers, this is a time to celebrate. The two top free website makers are making regular updates in an effort to expand their user base. Webstarts, the top free website maker is known for its user-friendly platform. The company is constantly updating features to enhance web development and publishing processes. However, this time, Wix, the second seeder, has launched a revised easy web editor, which aims at fortifying the user-friendliness of its platform.

What’s New with Wix?

Wix has introduced six new features in the revised version of its easy web editor. These new features cover every aspect of web development, publishing and maintenance, including:

  • Sharing: Find beautiful Wix buttons in your web editor setting, which allow you to share your website on Facebook or Twitter profiles.
  • Publishing: Wix has introduced the concept of one-step publishing. This will eliminate the usual three-step process to publish a Wix website.
  • Uploading: You can upload a URL icon, which usually appears on the Title bar and Tab bars in the browser. This will help you to brand your website in a better way. You can select from the Wix URL icon gallery available in editing platform or upload your company’s logo or a unique image from the computer.
  • Designing: Add reflection effect to the website design.
  • Messages: Users can read Wix notes and messages in their inbox, which will save time and effort.

Wix has also launched the Wix Lounge in New York City. This is a free workspace dedicated to all the Wix users and freelance professionals.