Wix Introduces Custom Facebook Page Templates

Social media has gained immense momentum in the recent past. Its application value is not limited to social circles but has encompassed business domains as well. One of the most interesting ways to promote your business on social media is through Facebook fan pages. And with Wix, one of the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, offering free custom Facebook page templates, the user experience is expected to rate high.

What are Wix Facebook Page Templates

Facebook allows businesses and individuals to create fan pages to connect with friends and groups on this most popular social networking site. As a branding exercise, businesses prefer to customize their Facebook fan pages for an engaging user experience. Usually, one can add business logo, service or product details, social campaigns, other social media profiles and website details to the fan page.

Most of the companies hire internet marketing and technology experts to customize their Facebook fan pages. However, with free custom templates from Wix, users will be able to create custom Facebook fan pages with ease through the easy web editor. Wix has named this new feature as Wix powered Facebook site.

Wix versus WebEden

Wix has always been among the top three platforms on the free website maker comparison chart. However, with the expansion in the online website building market new competitors have emerged. One platform which is being discussed constantly on forums is WebEden. This blog compares web publishing and content management processes of both the platforms.

Wix and WebEden: Which is a Better Platform?

Wix free website maker is known for its creative web designs. For many users, this platform has the most exciting range of website templates that are so tempting that you cannot consider any other platform. Wix is based on the Flash technology; however, the website development and publishing processes are simple. You also get a range of options for photo albums, page customization and video integration. But, all is not good with Wix as the platform lacks search engine optimization support.

WebEden, a comparatively new entrant, focuses on putting the basics right for their users. It has integrated some of the best features of top free website makers, such as video tutorials for web publishing process, custom domain names and free hosting services. Unlike many other free website makers, you can create up to 15 webpages with a free WebEden account. This amounts to the high success rate of this website maker.

While, Wix remains the first choice for millions of users, WebEden is worth giving a try.

Brinkster vs. Wix

Moving ahead with the series to compare the top free website makers, this blog reviews the web publishing features of Wix and Brinkster. Both the platforms are listed in the free website maker comparison chart.

Brinkster Makes Web Publishing Simpler

Brinkster falls in the league of top free website makers with its highly user-friendly free web editor. The platform races ahead of the competition with features, such as integrated photo album, traffic counter, guest book and custom flash intro. Search engine optimization and multimedia functionality of Brinkster are also fairly good. Furthermore, the paid packages are defined according to the different requirements of the users.

Add Creativity to Website With Wix

Standing off the league, Wix has a different approach to the process of website building. It focuses highly on use of multimedia features, such as custom photo albums, video integration and maps. While these features make a Wix website stand apart from the competition, it loses on SEO front.

Wix and Brinkster fall in different categories of free website makers. Brinkster is a good option for people looking for SEO-based website, whereas, Wix can be more of a personal blog, online diaries and artistic portfolios.