Yola.com is a critically acclaimed free website creator, providing easy-to-use features and quick site building, which are all free. Yola websites are all clean and professional, with many users choosing the site for their personal and business web hosting needs.

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Yola is quite similiar to Weebly but has a few differentiating factors that are worth mentioning. You can change your meta-data page by page, this makes your site extra friendly for search engiens to index (giving you higher visibility in search engine results, like Google or Bing). They also have 24/7 online customer support and an active support community. In addition they have many online tutorials, videos and webinars. As such Yola might be a good choice if you feel you will need a lot of support during the website creation process.

Brinkster versus Yola

Continuing with the evaluation of the top platforms in the free website maker comparison chart, this blog compares Brinkster and Yola. Both the platforms have good consumer ratings for easy website development and publishing process. Before choosing one of the two platforms, it is essential to compare them in detail.

How Brinkster Scores Over Yola

Comparing Brinkster and Yola is a daunting task as both the platforms have all the features essential for a high quality website development and management. To create a website through either Brinkster or Yola, you need to register as a user. After successful registration, you can select a website template, number of webpages, arrange content fields and add text, images and videos. Both the platforms have drag-and-drop web editor which makes the web publishing process very simple.

Yola scores low as compared to Brinkster due to the lack of product upgrades. Yola website maker has not upgraded easy web editor since 2009. Thus, it does not support new website features, such as Facebook or Twitter integration. On the contrary, Brinkster continuously evolves their platform to provide rich user experience.

In a nutshell, Yola is a prudent choice for users who want a very simple website making platform. For everyone else, Brinkster is a better option.

Yola vs. Squarespace

Yola and Squarespace are considered to be one of the top free website makers available online. The popularity of these web building platforms is evident from their top listings on the free website maker comparison chart. However, most users are perplexed when they have to choose between the two. In this review, you can read a detailed comparative analysis of Yola and Squarespace in terms of what they offer and how each score over another.

Yola Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

If you are looking for a free web building account, Yola offers one of the best deals. To create a free website with Yola, you will need to register as a user. After successful registration, you can choose a website template, number of webpages, custom domain name and start website publishing. Simplified drag-and-drop free web editor, images and video integration, traffic analysis and SEO support makes Yola a smart choice.

Squarespace is Versatile, But Comes with a Price Tag

Squarespace certainly has an advantage over Yola in terms of the features it offers. Social media integration, iPad and iPhone access to web editor, blog functionality and extensive traffic analysis, make Squarespace one of the leading free website makers in the world. However, free access to this website maker is limited to 14 days after which the user has to pay monthly subscription charges.

Therefore, Yola is the preferred choice for users who want a website free of cost. However, if you are ready to shell out money, Squarespace is the deal for you.