Brinkster versus Yola

Continuing with the evaluation of the top platforms in the free website maker comparison chart, this blog compares Brinkster and Yola. Both the platforms have good consumer ratings for easy website development and publishing process. Before choosing one of the two platforms, it is essential to compare them in detail.

How Brinkster Scores Over Yola

Comparing Brinkster and Yola is a daunting task as both the platforms have all the features essential for a high quality website development and management. To create a website through either Brinkster or Yola, you need to register as a user. After successful registration, you can select a website template, number of webpages, arrange content fields and add text, images and videos. Both the platforms have drag-and-drop web editor which makes the web publishing process very simple.

Yola scores low as compared to Brinkster due to the lack of product upgrades. Yola website maker has not upgraded easy web editor since 2009. Thus, it does not support new website features, such as Facebook or Twitter integration. On the contrary, Brinkster continuously evolves their platform to provide rich user experience.

In a nutshell, Yola is a prudent choice for users who want a very simple website making platform. For everyone else, Brinkster is a better option.

Yola vs. Weebly

With a number of free website makers available online, it has become difficult for consumers to choose the one that will be most convenient for them. Although all the free website makers may appear similar, each of them have been designed and developed to cater to a niche section of the market. Thus, the free website maker comparison chart and reviews will help you to understand the platform that suits to your requirements best.

In this comparison review, you will read about the features and specifications of Yola and Weebly free website makers.

How to Choose Between Weebly and Yola

At a high-level, both the free website makers have similar approach toward website building and publishing. A user is required to register for a free account. After successful registration, he can choose a website template from the gallery and use the free web editor to start publishing the website. Unlike many other platforms, both Yola and Weebly allow multiple pages in a free website. Some of the useful features of these two website makers are the drag-and-drop editor, support for pictures and videos, traffic statistics and search engine optimization.

Yola takes a step ahead of Weebly by offering multiple website hosting under a single account. Its template gallery is much more substantial and it offers PayPal integration. Additionally, Yola allows a higher degree of search engine optimization for every page with its unique Meta data.

Despite these, it is Weebly which holds a better position in the free website maker comparison chart as it make upgrades more frequently and has a larger customer base.

Yola Introduces New Paid Subscription Package for High-end Customers

Yola Silver is here to make a sensation in the online website maker industry. Priced
at $49.95 per year, Yola Silver, the new paid subscription package, promises high
quality websites at an affordable rate. However, the pertinent question still looms
unanswered. With free website makers offering power-packed features, would
customers choose a paid subscription?

Yola Silver versus Yola Free

While comparing Yola Silver and Yola Free, one should understand that the
proprietary easy web editor developed by Yola remains common in all packages.
Although there are a few additional features, such as greater volume of templates
available with the paid version, the basics remain the same. Thus, a customer should
not expect an entirely new interface by subscribing for Yola Silver. The only major
difference is in terms of custom domain name and search engine optimization (SEO).
With Yola Silver, customers can choose from the available domain names, unlike
Yola Free, which offers a domain name. Paid customers also receive
additional SEO tools and services to help increase their search engine rankings.
Yola Silver is a good deal as compared to other paid packages, such as Yola Premium
and Yola Bronze. Yola Premium is offered in collaboration with HP Logoworks, a
premium website design service. Yola Bronze is a low-end version of Yola Silver.
However, for individuals who own a domain name, Yola Free is the best deal, with all
its user-friendly features and comprehensive online web editing capabilities.