000webhosting’s name derived from $0.00, meaning that they charge nothing for hosting your site. They do have a paid package, which provides unlimited disk space and data transfer at a monthly fee.

000webhosting.com offers unique web hosting services in that they do not place banners or any other form of advertisements on the web sites they host. However, it offers web site owners the opportunity to create their own advertisements and profit from them. Finally, the fantastic auto-installer feature supports different scripts including WordPress and Joomla.

Author: Nico Black

Nico is a online marketer who has been living the Internet since 1999. Nico writes articles about how everyone - businesses, organisations, professionals, families and students can use websites.

6 thoughts on “000webhosting”

  1. It has free hosting, with tons of features (although a few require paid hosting, as always). Though when using it I found it hard to get a few features to work, and with free hosting I got a many server downtimes, hence 2* ease of use. Though overall I strongly recommend this site builder, as of everthing that’s included!

  2. This fuckers has cancelled my account after a 2 years of being there and having it active with lots of visitors! First they have suspended it because of sending spam!? I sent nothing! That’s how my account became inactive!

    That’s the last message I’ve got:


    Your account is canceled. I am sorry but we do not keep backups for canceled accounts

    Thank you for using our services,
    Helpdesk Staff

  3. Do not even think to have 000domains as your hosting. They find the mass of bullshit to regularly steal your traffic. They take your site down and then kick you out without warning.

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