Prepare Webpage Layout the Pro Way with Wix

Promoting the concept of clear and crisp web pages, Wix has come up with the concept of quick design grids. Create a web page with Wix and use these quick design grids to arrange elements on the page. It is a professional way to ensure appealing web pages with great styling.

Importance of Layout Grids

Layout grids are crucial while building your own web page to enhance visual appeal. With these grids, you can plan the arrangement of the content and design elements on the web page in advance. This will prevent you from making a webpage which has scattered elements and does not solve any purpose for the reader.

How to Use Grids with Wix

Once you have logged into the Wix easy web editor mode, activate the ‘Rulers’ option from the Arrange tool in the top menu bar. This will let you add multiple rulers to your webpage. Make a plan regarding the ratio and placement of content and design elements on your webpage. Remember to include white space (or empty space) to make the design look attractive and not clumsy.

Arrange the rulers to divide the webpage in accordance with your pre-decided design. You can simply drag a ruler to define a new location. Now add web elements as per the ruler configuration to achieve your webpage design.

With such user-friendly features, Wix continues to top the comparison chart of free website makers available online.

Want to create a web page colourful with HTML?

If you have already tried some kind of software that are used to create a web page then you must have meet with colour codes. In software like Dream weaver, Flash or even Microsoft front-page colours are defined in a little bit different fashion. There are some assembles of numbers and characters to define a particular colour. These are HTML versions of colour. If you want to master yourself in artistic and colourful web page designing then you must get familiar with these codes and their significance. If you are serious about learning then it should not be that hard to grasp the formula of the colour codes.

You may know one thing very well that there are three original colours- red, green and blue. Rest of the colours are combination of these three originals. HTML colours are defined using a hexadecimal (hex) notation for the combination of Red, Green, and Blue colour values. Hex values are written as 3 double-digit numbers, starting with a ‘#’ sign. The lowest value that can be given to one of the colour is 0, which is written as ‘# 00’. The highest value is 255, written as ‘# FF’. So each of the colour can combine with other two having value from zero to 255.

So, total number of possible colours can be derived by multiplying 255, three times. That gives a total of more than 16 million different colours to play with. Most of the computers can now display millions of different colours. To have the desired colour on your web page all you have to do is just put the correct code according to the value of original three colours. Most website makers provide such simple colour tools in their interface. You can have a look at a few of them here:”

Bandwidth planning before making our own websites

If you are planning to make kind of professional or semi professional website of your own you will need to know about bandwidth. Otherwise if the web site you are planning to make is just for personal purpose and has no practical reason not to bother about the number of visitors, then that can be skipped. Anyway, the idea about the very important Internet is necessary in a sense that since you are going to be a part of the Internet community with your site, its better to know about the common terminologies. Bandwidth is closely associated with another word- traffic. A very popular analogy is used to introduce the concept is drawing a picture of highways. Number of lanes in a highway can be regarded as bandwidth and number of cars is the traffic. If cars are comparatively low in number then the lanes will be freer and transportation would be faster. But think of a traffic jam. All the lanes are occupied with numerous cars and everything is going slow. On Internet traffic means the number of bits transmitted through the network connection. If a person downloads anything from a site it is a simple task for him. But if three or four person is using the same site and tries to download the same file there creates traffic. Now suppose you are some kind of service provider for which many people would love to come to your site. Then if there were only one lane in the highway it would waste time. So you will plan to increase the number of lanes. That’s what planning about bandwidth is all about. This article just wanted to give you a picture about the function of bandwidth. If you are seriously looking for a bandwidth solution, there is calculator on various sites that can help you to find the exact amount of bandwidth necessary for a site. Personal or small business site may find 1gb of bandwidth per month more than enough.