Webstarts Introduces Online Survey Feature

Thinking about promoting interaction on your website? Given the importance of customer interaction, Webstarts, one of the best free website makers online, has introduced two new features – online survey and quizzes. Users can add these features to their Webstarts website and ask customers to participate.

Benefits of the New Webstarts Features

With millions of websites vying to grab user attention in virtual space, it is essential to engage customers in some meaningful activity on the website. Almost every website provides information related to the products or service it offers and has ecommerce services; and adding the element of interaction requires your customer to stay a longer period of time on your website. Greater length of time translates into repeat customers and also helps in increasing search engine ranking. To this end, surveys and quizzes are great tools for retaining customer attention.

A Webstarts user can start a survey full of questions related to the customer’s perception of your website. In this way, you can seek suggestions on how to improve the website. Quizzes, as a non-technical interaction tool, are a fun way to gauge customer’s feedback on your website and products/services.

Webstarts has launched the surveys and quizzes tools in less than 15 days time after the launch of its chat tool, another important interaction service. This explains why Webstarts has remained on the top of free website maker comparison chart for last four months.

Page.ly New Version to Release in September

In August 2010, Page.ly successfully completed one year of free web publishing services. Having achieved this feat, the managed WordPress hosting provider announced the launch of Page.ly++ in September. With the upgraded version, Page.ly is aiming at providing better features, a host of new widgets and an integrated approach towards web development with the WordPress platform.

What to Expect From Page.ly++

The most pertinent question for Page.ly customers is what they can expect from the new version. According to the official company blog, the new version is not a cosmetic makeover; instead, it will try to resolve process and design issues related to the web publishing platform. Users can also look forward to new features. The features and WordPress add-ons provided by Page.ly are available through other service providers as well. Thus, the company might come up with exclusive additions that will enhance WordPress functionalities. Tools to employ social media integration and search engine optimization techniques are highly desired.

Page.ly, a managed WordPress hosting platform, is an upcoming free website maker service. It is not featured on the top ten free website makers’ comparison chart as yet. With the arrival of Page.ly++, the company can hope to get itself a position among the coveted ranks on the comparison chart.

Webstarts Offers Live Chat Support for User Websites

Interaction is one of the most important aspects of Web 2.0. A website should allow users to interact with the administrator for authentic information, query resolution and feedback. To align with the spirit of Web 2.0, Webstarts has introduced live chat features on consumer websites. With this feature, Webstarts users would be able to integrate live chat functionality with their website that will connect customers directly to the designated customer service representative.

Benefits of Live Chat Service

When you build a website you want to give credible and extensive information to the customers. However, it is not possible to provide all the information in terms of website content. Moreover, internet media lacks the personal touch of offline marketing. To resolve these problems, live chat allows customers to interact with the business owner or representative directly. Company representative can reply to consumer questions and provide valuable information to turn him into a sales lead. It also helps to gain credibility among consumers.

Webstarts live chat service is hosted by Olark Live Chat. Users can create a website with Webstarts and activate this application on their website. Once installed, customers would see a live chat tool that will connect them to the company representative. Webstarts users can connect the program to their web-enabled phone as well for 24×7 customer support.