Webstarts vs Jimdo: Which is the Better of the Two for a Business Website?

Business gurus say that if you do not come online, you are bound to become history. With the boom in online retail industry, there is a great thrust among companies and organizations to create online presence. One of the most affordable ways of creating an online presence is to launch a website with a free website maker.

Webstarts and Jimdo have been among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart. These platforms enable you to create a high quality business website embedded with the latest technology features. However, both the platforms have their unique approaches to the process of website building and they target different set of consumers.

Webstarts vs. Jimdo: Comparing Features

Broadly, Webstarts and Jimdo offer the same basic features for web designing and publishing. You have to register with these platforms to create an account. Free website maker account enables you to choose a domain name and website template. Once you have defined the number of pages and their titles, you can start adding content in the form of images, graphics, text and videos.

With a free Jimdo account, you get access to some of the advanced features such as, search engine optimization, PayPal integration and corporate blog. Webstarts does not offer these features with the free account. However, it scores over Jimdo in terms of easy web editor, user tutorials and social media integration.

For a full-fledged business website, you have to buy professional packages offered by these platforms.

Doomby vs. Wix

Continuing with the series of free website maker comparisons to help our readers make an informed choice. This blog will compare a new entrant, Doomby, against Wix, an established name in the world of free website makers. Both these website makers are listed on the free website maker comparison chart.

Doomby and Wix: Different Approaches to Website Building

Doomby and Wix have different approaches to the process of website building. Doomby sticks to the conventional, and more popular, approach to website building. It offers a high-quality free web editor and a host of features such as, text and image placement holders, free custom web templates, and search engine optimization. However, Doomby stands out in the league due to its advanced list of offerings, which includes other user-friendly features such as, online poll, e-mail templates, ecards, RSS feed, forums, photo album and blog. To upgrade the Doomby web editor to a more advanced version, users can choose from doombyPLUS or ecommerce packages.

On the other hand, Wix has revolutionized the concept of free website building by adding a pinch of creativity. It offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of free web templates. High quality graphics and customization capabilities define Wix free websites. These features, coupled with smart photo and video integration functionalities make Wix a top-rated free website maker.

Despite advanced features, Wix fails when it comes to search engine optimization. Wix creates Flash-based websites which are not SEO-friendly. This makes the choice very simple. If you want to develop a website for SEO purposes, Doomby is the option for you. However, Wix is one of the best platforms for personal websites.

Weebly vs. Brinkster

Weebly has been holding top positions in the free website maker comparison chart for several months. High quality free web editor and constant technology upgrade has made Weebly a grand success in the free website building market. However, the oldie is facing stiff competition from the newbie Brinkster. This comparative study will offer a concise review of what Weebly and Brinkster have to offer.

Weebly: Offering Quality Product Features

Providing professional website design templates and free web hosting service, Weebly helps in building a high quality website absolutely free of cost. You can add pictures, videos, music, photo albums and documents to the website. Keeping pace with modern technological changes, Weebly also offer traffic analysis tools, search engine optimization and Google Adword integration for free websites. These features make Weebly one of the top free website makers in the world.

Brinkster: From Good to Better

After a modest start, Brinkster has evolved to a full-fledged free website editor. To compete with the established brands in the market, Brinkster has simplified the web publishing process for its consumers. The free package comes with basic features, such as photo album, traffic counter, flash intro and guest book. The most important aspect of Brinkster is its well-defined packages for paid services. Unlike Weebly, Brinkster has categorized paid web development services into personal, professional and developer packages in order to attract a large pool of consumers.

Weebly is the preferred choice for majority of the consumers for both personal and professional website. However, Brinkster proves a good choice for people who are not web friendly.