Wix versus Indigloo

Selecting a website maker for an online manifestation of your company is almost like recruiting an official. Cost, features, usability and many more aspects must be checked prior to opting for a website maker. Most individuals and organization opt for free website makers since it simplifies the process of online publishing. This is where the free website maker comparison chart and reviews prove useful. This particular review will deal with Wix and Indigloo.

Add Creativity to Your Website with Wix

A revolutionary website maker, Wix has added the aspect of creativity to website building. High quality graphics, customization capabilities, an array of web templates and smart photo/video integration functionality are some of the main features of Wix. However, Wix fails in terms of search engine optimization.

Build a Powerful Free Account with Indigloo

Some of the features that make Indigloo very popular among website makers are drag-and-drop editor, inbuilt sitemap, search engine-friendly URLs and page-specific meta tags. It also offers shopping cart, multi-level menus, unlimited number of web pages as well as password protection. However, if you want a custom domain, you have to pay a small rent on a monthly basis.

Therefore, the choice is clear. For those wanting to build a personal website, Wix would prove to be the best platform. However, for commercial website building, Indigloo should be your choice.

SnapPages versus Page.ly

Nowadays, most people worldwide prefer searching and shopping for products online. This makes it absolutely crucial for every retail business to have online presence to remain competitive. Those intending to set up a business online can opt for any of these two online spaces – SnapPages or Page.ly.

Both the website makers rank high in the free website maker comparison chart. This blog will help you decide on the website maker that perfectly suits your needs.

SnapPages Focuses User Experience

Powerful site creation interface, massive image bank and customizable templates are just few features which makes SnapPages very popular. Some other aspects of this website maker include blog, calendar as well as the ability to give permissions. Through the ‘permission’ functionality, you can allow people to access certain parts of your website.

SnapPages has a pro version which is priced at $8/month. The pro version offers additional features, such as analytics, HTML/JavaScript embeds, SEO settings and a custom domain name.

Page.ly Simplifies WordPress Hosting Solutions

Page.ly has revolutionized the website building industry by offering solutions to simplify WordPress hosting. This website maker combines SEO, WordPress themes, automatic backup and an array of plug-ins. This is the reason due to which Page.ly is generally considered a one-stop-shop for site development. The services of Page.ly are priced at $14.98/month.

Both the website makers come with a price tag. If high quality is a major concern, Page.ly is the recommended website builder. However, for those who are looking for good usability, SnapPages will prove beneficial.

350Pages vs. 000webhost

Continuing with the series to review free website makers, this comparative analysis will deal with 350pages and 000webhost services. Both the free website makers allow users to sign up for a free website or blog. These platforms have upgraded their technologies to provide the latest features buzzing in the virtual marketing industry. However, there are certain features that make 000webhost rank higher on the free website maker comparison chart as compared to 350pages.

How 000webshot scores over 350pages?

The basic website publishing procedures with 350pages and 000webhost are prototypes of other popular free website makers. Both the platform offers simple drag-and-drop text editor, photo album integration and social media support. However, 000webhost scores over 350pages with additional support for WordPress and Joomla scripts, the two most popular website development platforms. This gives 000webhost users an added advantage of customizing their website with third-party plug-ins. Furthermore, 000webhost does not place advertisements on a free website. Users have the option to create their own advertisements and promote them on their websites. Unlimited domain support, video tutorials and email integration make 000webhost a preferred website maker.

The only area where 000webhost scores less than 350pages is the free website template gallery. Thus, if you are looking for a highly professional free website maker, 000webhost is the answer. 350pages is good for users who are not well-versed with the internet technology.