Faster Sharing on the Cards for Jimdo Users

File sharing has always been one of the biggest problems with all the content management systems. To simplify this process, Jimdo has teamed up with Dropbox. Rated among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, Jimdo will allow users to share files through Dropbox account across the net.

Jimdo, Dropbox Team Up: What Does It Means for the Users

To understand to analyze of the association between Jimdo and Dropbox, it is important to understand how this association works for users. Dropbox is one of the leading file sharing tools available online. It allows users to synchronize files across multiple workstations with the internet. The files and folders linked with the Dropbox account are accessible online and through all the associated workstations. Thus, file sharing is possible without any need to attach files through emails.

With the recent tie up, users will be able to upload contents from their Dropbox account directly to the Jimdo easy web editor. Thus, a user can upload files and content to a Jimdo page even while travelling or from a friend’s computer. It also provides a greater level of data protection as entire data is saved in the cloud.

Wix Introduces Custom Facebook Page Templates

Social media has gained immense momentum in the recent past. Its application value is not limited to social circles but has encompassed business domains as well. One of the most interesting ways to promote your business on social media is through Facebook fan pages. And with Wix, one of the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, offering free custom Facebook page templates, the user experience is expected to rate high.

What are Wix Facebook Page Templates

Facebook allows businesses and individuals to create fan pages to connect with friends and groups on this most popular social networking site. As a branding exercise, businesses prefer to customize their Facebook fan pages for an engaging user experience. Usually, one can add business logo, service or product details, social campaigns, other social media profiles and website details to the fan page.

Most of the companies hire internet marketing and technology experts to customize their Facebook fan pages. However, with free custom templates from Wix, users will be able to create custom Facebook fan pages with ease through the easy web editor. Wix has named this new feature as Wix powered Facebook site.

Weebly Launches Group Website Editing

If you are one of those website administrators who does not have enough time to monitor and edit your site, Weebly is here to help you. Being the top rated platform on the free website maker comparison chart, Weebly is known for user-friendly updates. This time Weebly has launched collaborative website editing feature for its users. With this feature, website administrators will be able to add other users as authors for their site.

Why Group Editing is Useful for Weebly Users

Weebly understands that updating content on the website is crucial for search engine optimization purposes. However, there are occasions when the website administrator cannot live up to the expectations of the fast growing online market and is not able to update the site with fresh content. To simplify this process, Weebly has introduced group editing feature to manage author access for a website.

User access to a Weebly website is defined at three levels – administrator, author and dashboard only. Administrator is the highest access and can manage access of other users. A user with author access has the ability to add/edit content of the website or specific web pages. Dashboard only access allows a user to moderate comments and filter spam.

Weebly is the first free website maker to introduce this feature. However, multiple author access is a popular feature with major content management systems, such as WordPress.