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Jimdo is based in Hamburg, Germany. But don’t think it is confined there. This web builder has a various language versions available and happy to serve all over the world. Being a good builder it has developed almost every feature that people would like to have in their site.

The world has reached at a time that is complex and potential at the same time. Complex in a sense that competitions are much intense and no sector is open without expertise. And potential in the sense that technology has given the power to every common people to have the ability to compete even with a expert one. Web based small business initiatives are widely heard now a days. You can manage some products to sale but can’t afford to lease a shop on the city center. Not a problem at all, you can have your virtual shop and start selling. How? Having a web site of yours that can sell. Now don’t tell me that you don’t know anything about creating website; actually you don’t have to if you are not interested. Turn to Jimdo, it will do most of the jib for you.

Jimdo already offers a professional service that would take a few minutes to start your own venture. This account is available for only $5 per month. If you have the professional account you can go for building the the small business version of the website. The features include two website domains instead of just one, 50 gigabytes of storage instead of five, and five email accounts instead of one.

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