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Suppose you are an enthusiastic designer who have great skill in Photoshop and Illustrator. Recently some online tutorials made you confident enough to go for designing your own website. Then you asked yourself what would I do with an website. Again some online research motivated you to do some business with the site. Why not! You can do the graphics design and somebody out there is needing the stuff. So you have designed a nice beautiful site, registered with a hosting company and planning your sales strategy. Then the problem arose- how will anyone pay you on the internet? You may leave a sigh and think that, if I knew some coding, then I could set up a eCommerce site! Don’t worry. EwiSoft has come up to help you set the store. You don’t have to build a site from the templates, just use them to build the payment method part on your lovely pages.

Here is the process to do it. Open your favorite HTML editor where your website is located and open the page you want to add a shopping cart of products onto. Go into the HTML view of your page and add the following codes:
Save the page and open Ewisoft eCommerce Builder. 4. In the Templates menu, select Add Template.

Browse and select the page. Click Yes to confirm that you are adding a template into Ewisoft eCommerce Builder. A preview of your page will appear. With a few clicks on Next and OK button, your page will be ready to add a shopping cart. Proceed to the Add your shopping cart to a page instructions.

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