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Whether you’re just starting out on the net, or you’re an experienced web designer, webEden offers the help to create beautiful and professional looking website with you. With their award winning sitemaker software website making process has become much easier. Simple pointing and clicking makes possible inserting text, images, logos, backgrounds, mp3, games, graphics, animations and much more. If you are planning to start a business or professionalize your running business with a payment system added to your site, then it’s also possible with webEden.

There are simple eight steps to set the payment system on webEden page. Before that you know what to do. You will create a page that includes the items you want to offer for sale. On that page you place images of each products with attractive description that convince your potential customers to buy. Some additional text might be needed to give other details of posting policy, origin or history of a product etc. And you can do all these things with the built in features of webEden.

Now adding the mechanism of payment process needs couple of clicks on right places. There is a ‘add to cart’ button in seller tools that is in the library. Simple dragging will bring the button on the web page. Now click on the Link tab and click on the icon with the two silhouettes of people on it. This is the PayPal link. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you need to complete a free registration process that will allow you to receive payments in order to use PayPal. You are ready to go with your business.

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