Are You Capitalizing on Mobile Commerce?

To remain in consonance with technology shifts, the award-winning ecommerce provider Volusion has launched mcommerce solutions. According to industry experts, there is a possibility of a significant shift towards mobile commerce in the near future. To capitalize on this trend, Volusion, an easy web builder, has rolled out the beta version of its mcommerce application, which will allow consumers to buy products conveniently on their smartphones.

How to Add Volusion mCommerce?

Volusion mCommerce will certainly help ecommerce website owners boost their sales. It makes the online technology more exciting and allows consumers to make purchases while on the go.

To add the Volusion mCommerce application, all you need to do is to sign up for an online store front with Volusion. This will let you create a business web page containing advanced ecommerce applications. You can choose from a wide range of easy web templates, load inventory, manage online store, sell products online and integrate social media tools. Once the basic website structure is complete, simply add the mcommerce application to the admin panel. You can customize the mcommerce tool according to the products on offer. When customers access your website from their mobile phone device, they will be able to automatically access the mobile-optimized version of the site.

Interestingly, the mcommerce application is completely free for all Volusion customers, regardless of their existing tariff structure. During the initial launch phase, Volusion mCommerce is optimized for iPhone devices. The company is planning to include other web-enabled mobile phones in the upgrade version of this application.

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