Webstarts just schooled a brat customer.

Got a scolding comment on a one of our popular posts comparing Webstarts to Weebly. The user “Rafael” posited that Weebly and Webstarts have a similar user interface and that a compliant email sent 6 months ago was left ignored by their customer support team.

So, we decided to hit them up for a comment. Hilarity ensued.

Wow, that’s some support! A morning show on Meerkat answering serious questions in real time… Oh wait, looks like he already spoke to them:

Oh wait, can it be true?

As a business owner and a customer myself I take serious issue with customers using shaming tactics against good companies. Clearly, Webstarts are a very good company based on the speed and level of response not only from their support channels (17 minutes to answer Rafael), but the immediate response we got on Twitter and the CEO commenting right here with us.

Nicely done guys. Boo hiss “Rafael”.

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